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Playing M4V files on PSP

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I have some legally purchased M4V videos from iTunes that I would like to view on my PSP. None of the conversion programs I have support this file type. Am I stuck with viewing them only on my PC? I don't want to buy an iPod because their viewing screen is smaller than the PSP but I like the idea of downloading the file direct from their website. Another alternative would be if anyone knows of a website where I can download legal copies of full length movies converted for use on the PSP would be helpful.


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Originally posted by chanman1:
Xilisoft MP4 Converter
Hello Chanman1

I have MP4 conversion software that works very well already thanks.
What i'm looking for is another alternative to converting them myself.
Are there websites that have done the conversion and made them available for download?


i put m4v videos in the video folder and they come up as AVC.

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