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How to burn wii games on a mac

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hi everyone, i just bought a pre-modiifeid wii and i wanted 2 know how 2 burn games? I download the games i DON'T back them up. I searched afterdawn and found out that you had 2 unscramble the .wii image or something like that and then burn it through Nero, but i have a mac not a pc so i cant do that can someone please help me. I have a POWERFUL powermac laptop with a pioneer dvd burner. Can you tell me what 2 do after i have the .wii image.
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I have the same problem please help
When you download the game, is it in .wii or .iso format? Because, I've downloaded games before, and they were usually in .iso format! If it's in .iso format, just put a DVD in your Drive, and burn the image to a disc! If it's in .wii format, I don't know what to say to ya...

Check this thread out. Someone linked to a program they use for their MACs to unscramble a .wii file which converts it to .iso. I have no idea what they burn the disc with.

ok after i unscramble it what programe should i burn it with???
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Nero works fine.

I found this on another site...

still i have no idea how to burn an unscambled iso in os x. do you mean the disc utility tool from os x? just drag and drop and burn?
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do you mean the disc utility tool from os x? just drag and drop and burn? >> Yes
Here is the original thread I got these from in case you want more information...

thanks that really helped im burning moh now. One more question, i have wiikey installed can i update the wii? For example when i want 2 go on the internet (wii24) it asks 2 be updated. So can i update the wii?
Yes you can update the Wii with Wiikey installed.

thanks guys, i got no problems...for now!
I'M utterly lost here. I have a wii with wiikey. a mac g4 powerpc con panther and an external dvd burner, lacie slim doublelayer. So i have several original games but i wanted to have a backup, but neither my computer or my external drive read the wii disc, it says not a compatible format. What can i do.

plretty please with sugar ontop

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I have no idea if you can even use a MAC to read a Wii disc.

I do know the only way you can read the Wii disc on a Windows PC is by using 1 of the following drives to dump the Wii image to the PC using a program called Rawdump 2.0

LG-8164b or LG-8163b or LG-8162b or LG-8161b

I have no idea if this processes even works on a MAC but I would assume you would need the same drive and the same program to get the job done. So if this is true then it would come down to if the drive and program are compatible with a MAC computer.

I do not have a MAC so I can't answer this question for you. Hopefully someone else can verify for you if this processes is achievable on a MAC computer.

To make it simple you could always download the game for backup purposes and not worry about ripping the Wii game to your MAC and just burn the downloaded game.
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:( ok thank you very much. :D

I bought one of those drives from along with a USB enclosure and plan on using virtual pc to use the rawdump program...

this should be fine if you are on a mac...
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