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Convert ISO to AVI format

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i need to know how to convert ISO to AVI, i am able to copy using DVDShrink, but that is either in ISO or VOB, and VOB is a little confusing to me. I just want to know if there is an easy was to convert from ISO to AVI. I have been looking on this website and i cannot download Auto Gordian Knot, or Daemon Tools. This site just doesnt allow it. Thank you for all your help.

~Fairy Lady~
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ISOBuster can extract files from images.I think there is a trial period.

Freeware, AlZip opens .iso files extracts dvd files to folder.

AutoGordianKnot loads from folder and converts to AVI.

(Load VTS_01_0.IFO and select predefined size: a two hour movie is one DVD;a 70 minute video is one CD)
.ISO vs .VOB? I usually rip the FILES and not via ISO. Is ripping .ISO mainly used if one wants to create .avi/.wmv/etc.?
Is ripping .ISO mainly used if one wants to create .avi/.wmv/etc.?
The advantage of an ISO is that you can easily burn an exact copy of, for example, a movie with menu, etc, without delay, as opposed to a file folder which has to be processed before burning.
fairylady has use for the contents of an ISO, but wishes them to be in AVI format, for whatever reason.
I see... so for my purposes... I probably should stick with file folder because I use DVD-RB
my main purpose is to convert movies for my mp3 player, it takes AVI, mpeg, wma. i think...i just figured AVI is easier, because thats what i can get from limewire. and this auto gordian knot thing is annoying...because it brings up this dub thing, and it takes forever and it seems pointless. but anyway i use DVDShrink to put the dvd on my computer, then its in iso format, i just wanna convert it for the player. unless theres an easier way...?

~Fairy Lady~
If you are downloading ISO (disk image files)then it will take a long time to convert the contents to AVI.
The ISO is an image of a DVD and compressing the contents of a DVD to AVI takes time.
If you can can download the AVI then you save all those steps.
That being said, I keep away from Limewire and the likes.
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The best program for converting ISO to AVI is fairuse 2.5, It's the only
program I use. I recommend it because it is the only program that I have used that has never produce an AVI with an audio sync problem.The free version will only allow you to encode to 700mb (which for a 2 hour movie quality is not that great). The Full (paid version) lets you encode up to 1400mb, I recommend at least 1000mb for decent quality.It's fairly easy to use and can encode several ISO at a time with the option of turning off your computer when it's done.
OMG thank you for the fair use program, that actually works, it takes forever, but thats ok, at least it works, and its all in one step. so thank you very very much.

~Fairy Lady~
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