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How to upload new music to ipod without deleting old ones

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Hi...well im finally getting a ipod video...well i was wondering if anyone can help me out. I was wondering if there is anyway to upload music to ipod without deleting old ones...I was told tat the computer would automatically replace my ipod music with the current ones on the computer.. If what im saying is confusing...(sry bout tat) wat i mean is say I download 200 songs... i put it on my ipod..but i dont want to clutter up my computer so i delete all 200...later i like 20 new i would like to add it onto my addition to the 200 already on i hope im explaining this clearly..and im not just typing gibberish =D so if anyone can help me out... it would b greatly appretiated...thank you =D
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I also have a video ipod (5.5Gen)

Sync your ipod and go to it inside itunes and tic the setting to "manually manage music and videos" seen here and accept the changes when it asks.

Once you do that and have the music transfered you can delete it from your computer and your music will still be on the ipod next time you sync to itunes.

Hope that helps.
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i still dont understand can u please post one in please
first your going to have to put the music back on your computer and then change the setting to manually sync.
You should just keep it all on your comp.
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please just post a video explanation on YOUTUBE.COM...
im really getting confused..
If you want to put songs on your ipod without erasing oldones you have to change it to manual instead of letting itunes sync for you, this mean you manually copy songs from itunes into your ipod, then when your done just click eject on itunes to eject your ipod.
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yes, when you plug the ipod to the computer you can choose the option "manually manage songs and playlists" as follow, then drag the 20 new songs into your ipod.

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k so i did all this but it still says if i wanna sync i have to delete all the old songs..?
so heres what you do, get ipod copy, back all your songs to your pc or to itunes. onces you have all your songs in itunes you can then re-sync your ipod, all your songs will be copy back to the ipod.
Originally posted by ohny217:
yes, when you plug the ipod to the computer you can choose the option "manually manage songs and playlists" as follow, then drag the 20 new songs into your ipod.

This worked for me!! Thank you very much! If a user needs a more elaborate walk through in lamens terms, I'll suggest the following:
1. First create a new playlist by clicking File New Playlist.
2. Plug in your ipod and follow the directions in the photo above. (Note: There's no need to do anything more than what's in the photo. It's really that simple.)
3. Then paste the new songs you want on the new playlist.
4. Click on the first song of the new playlist, then drag the scroll bar on the right side to the last song. Hold your shift button down and then click the last song. All the songs should be highlighted. Then click on any of the songs and hold the click and drag your cursor to your ipod file name. When you drag your cursor, it should list the number of the new songs you want to place on there. Once you do that, voila, you're done. Just wait a few minutes. Then press the button to the right of your ipod file name that looks like a triangle over a line.
5. (if necessary) You might run into a problem with authorizing your songs. It's easy to do so. It'll have an option to authorize your songs now. It happened so fast, i kinda forgot how to do it. But there should be an authorize now button. Insert your ipod music store username and password in, then repeat Step 4.
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