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Burning PS2 Games

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Hey everyone, okay so im not good with computers so please dont get fustrated with me plz.. I read some of the steps already with how to burn PS2 games.. so sorry if you guys are fustrated with explaining this i will apologize now for my stupidity lol.. anyways my brother wants me to burn this SRS PS2 game and i tried using Nero using a DVD-R dvd and we tried it and the ps2 said plz enter a ps2 format disc.. so im taking it im using the wrong dvds do i have to use a DVD-RW?? Can i still use Nero? cuz that wud be awesome if i could, i no longer have Alcohol 120, i have a bunch of other programs aka "stuff" on my comp that i have no idea wat it is, my friend who is a comp genius put a bunch of stuff on here and hes not around nemore to help me with all my comp questions, so someone please tell me first wat kind of DVD thingy do i use, does it have to be the DVD-RW?
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Use PowerISO or DVD Decryptor.

Use DVD+R or DVD-R at a slow speed 2-2.4X or 4X Stay away from DVD-RW, expensive and might not work with your Mod-Chip

Personally I wouldn't use Nero, never have never will, but PowerISO works pretty good.

I've also used RecordNow Max in the past, which is pretty simple to use.
there is a guide. There are a lot of factors to it though.
1. that your burner has up to date firmware
2. that you use a good quality DVD brand (Verbatim, Philips, Taiyo Yuden)
3. that your brother has a (correctly) modded PS2 in order to play them.
4. That you burn at the correct speed (for me always 4X)

Okay so i just dl poweriso.. k so when i open it up i wanna put that ps2 disc in my comp and then press wat? .. theres the options of copy, compress, burn, mount, do i want to copy or compress? or neither?
I always select Burn and copy to the computer. It should just be one ISO file on the computer after that. You can select it with the same burn Icon and Burn it to disc.
K when i put the PS2 game in my comp, and hit burn a window thingy thats labeled "burn image file" pops up.. and i try hitting burn but it tells me to select image file.. so i click the three lil dots button and it pulls up the game but theres like three diff folders ones labelled CNF, Modules, NETGUI which one do i use?? (Hope that made some sense..)
Alrighty.. well think i got er guys... thanks for all your help
Do you have a modchip or swapmagic???

Wanna play youtube on your psp heres my guide

Psp history 2.60-2.71-1.50-3.40oe-a-3.52m33-3.52m33-4-3.71m33-2-3.71m33-4-3.80m33-4-3.80m33-5-3.90m33-3 with kernal addon
ok you mite not remember me but i had a problem long time with burnin ps2 games... then u all solved it coz my drive doesnt burn ps2 games...

well i got a new drive sony
andd im downloadin ps2 games and burnin them... well i got scarface and when i converted it to a .iso and burnt it usin poweriso i got this on my ps2 "The disc cannot be read" and it's burnin as an video cd not a playstation 2

i usaully burn ps2 games with dvd works FINE

(..;-'"';..)ExTrEme Y2Sxc4U(..;-'"';..)
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