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HDMI Up-converting: OPPO - Onkyo - BRAVIA, good idea ?

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Hello all.

Currently i have a 40" BRAVIA LCD HDTV (KDL-40S2000) with a cheap JVC home-threater/5 disc changer.

I plan on buying a OPPO DV-981HD along with Onkyo HT-SR800.
Both the dvd-play and receiver have 1080p up-converting.

New to all this my question is; would hooking the OPPO's HDMI up-converting to the Onkyo then hooking the Onkyo's HDMI up-converting to the TV be a wise thing or would it hurt the picture being converted more then once ?

Any insight or suggestions would be great.

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You should be ok. The Onkyo (and any other HDMI enabled upconverting audio receiver) shouldn't process the signal again since its already in its best form. It will do what is called pass-through where it will send the video portion of the HDMI signal to the tv set without processing it.

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Thank you for the info.

Just did alittle more reading on the Onkyo and it does not support Component Video Upconversion which is something (i think) i want being i have a Playstation 2 with a component cable which would be nice to tie in to the system also.

Thanks for mentioning the pass-through.

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