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convertxtodvd audio sync prob!!

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i hav just converted a DivX movie via ConvertXtoDVD as i hav many times, the original had no audio probs, but i played it back in dvd player to check and the audio was way way out!! why has this happened!??
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Audio stream is probably an MP3 VBR and or has a huge delay in it.

Is it an .AVI file ?

Try AviMUX-GUI to fix the delay

v2.2.0.251 has been released, which fixed the out of sync in Rocky Balboa-aXXo since there was an issue that was wrongly identifed in the file. Now that file does not convert out of sync anymore.
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i'd just had a problem with audio out of sync on a movie whose title shall remain nameless.. my googling had turned up the exact same link as cougar_ii had posted; i tried out AviMUX-GUI but didn't want to wait an hour to see if ConvertXtoDVD worked ok this time; tried WinAVI 7.7 (as a test as it only takes 20mins), the sync seemed to be ok but i never much like the quality of WinAVI then it dawned on me to check the version of ConvertXtoDVD. Doh!, i'm running quite an old version so will look into upgrading..

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