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XM satellite radio customers suffer outage

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Subscribers of XM Satellite Radio may have noticed problems yesterday acquiring a usable signal, mostly across the Eastern United States and Canada. "Some customers are not receiving a signal. We don't know the exact number, but some," Chance Patterson, XM's vice president of corporate affairs said earlier. XM Satellite radio has about eight million subscribers in total. The company explained ...

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I haven't tuned in my xm sense they gave Opie and Anthony a one month suspention.
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spydah Suspended due non-functional email address
I was wonder WTF was going on. I had to travel for a business trip and listen to my XM a lot. Like XM comedy and some music stations were fading in and out a lot. As matter fact its still going on now. I hope they fix that because was big inconvenience. The good thing for my 3 hrs drive up and down was my Ipod it saved me the pain of listening to some BS radio station.
Yeah, I was getting pissed. I was losing service in places I had never lost it before and I thought my antenna or receiver was going bad.
spydah Suspended due non-functional email address
Thats exactly how i felt.
gmasi Suspended due non-functional email address
Me too, i lost signal on Monday evening Right after servicing my Audi. I thought they messed with my XM Radio. I even called them Tues morning to complain.
azimuth1 Suspended due non-functional email address
My boss has XM in our trucks. I like some of it. I have Sirius in my vehicle. I wish the gov would let them merge already. Then we could have the best of both worlds
slipslopslap Unverified new user
We called sirius yesterday 5 times and did live chat twice, today I called twice and did live chat 3 times all in an effort to get the radio in my husbands car reactivated but still he has no radio because the satellite is down. The customer service reps are the worse I think I have come across with different stories as to why the radio is down, and even to the point of 1 of them telling me that we have no account with sirius even though we have 2 radios with them. We have also been with sirius since 2005 and they continue to send out mailings to reactivate radios that we no longer have and have also been sent mailings for a radio that we have never had. So now we continue to wait impatiently for the satellite to be fixed, which was supposed to have already been fixed according to 2 customer service representatives, and I use the term loosely, to, we will try and have it fixed by Friday or Saturday. After my last phone call they will now give us a 5 day credit on both our radios, thanks, and I swear if I hear them apologize one more time for our inconvenience I am going to scream.
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