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What Else can you do with a modded Wii?

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Playing Backups is fine and dandy, but I'm interested in finding out all the little things my wii can do.

In particular, I'm interested in playing classic games. I have had my way with Nintendo's Virtual Console, and I am ready for more titles (SMB3 for example), and I know the mod chip will allow me access to this sort of thing, but it looks like at this point emulators are all ported from the GC,and only support the GC controller.
Are there Emulators that support eh wiimote and the "classic controller"?

Other than emulators, what can my wii do now?
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It can view web sites online, if you downloaded the Opera browser for it, and you can even point at the search button! Furthermore, you can click around, and actually do research with it!
Indeed. I had previously enjoyed the novelty of viewing porn on my television with the Wii Opera browser. But that was pre mod.
Also you can dive deep into the world of the Everybody Votes Channel, YAY, what a world of fun it is. Try It, you dont know what you are missing!

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