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playing movies files from pc to ps3?

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Sony just updated the ps3 where you can play music and videos from your home pc like the xbox360. I can play the music however my movies wont play they will show as a folder with the file but wont play. Is there some type of format other than AVI that you have to convert them to in order to play on the ps3? thanks in advance
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Yeah movies have to be in MP4 format, try using PS3 Video 9 to convert them.

How did you get your files to show up? When i search for servers it says that no servers were found but i have a home network...Any help appreciated?
thanks I really didnt do much just allowed my ps3 to share with windows media player and once I did th the search it showed all my movie files and music. I`m not sure how it happened but it work. Also I used that program however the mp4 file isnt showing up any suggestions?
make sure the file has no spaces or strange char's.

Also make sure it has MP4 as the extension.

i cant get it to share how have u done that
Originally posted by jayda23:
Sony just updated the ps3 where you can play music and videos from your home pc like the xbox360. I can play the music however my movies wont play they will show as a folder with the file but wont play. Is there some type of format other than AVI that you have to convert them to in order to play on the ps3? thanks in advance
What version of windows are you running becuase none of my files are showing up, just empty folders.
I think I may be right there, but this may sound silly..... how did you do the search? with the PS3 or WMP11?

Whats weird is I actually did this same thing with a 360 but with a diferent PC. and Im pretty sure you have to add your music and video files to some shared folder wether within WMP11 or the OS shared folders. I think, the more I type to the more Im ansewring my own question........
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i think i may have a firewall issue. My Pc is using a wireless adapter and my PS3 is hardwired to my router. I tried lastnight and the PS3 saw my PC. now when I went into the folders it seems to see the music files. but when I try to play them it seemed like it was gonna play but didnt and then everything dissapeared. I could be a lil off on what actually happened but after that I couldnt see anything in the folders. I even tried copying some music files in these shared folders but nothing played. Is there anything that you have to do when it comes to the MP4 format issue. all mymusic is either mp3 or wave. havent tried video yet, but I have exact copies of my movies on myhard drive. Thinking ahead on wether the ps3 will recognize VTS files. Im gonna be a lil upset if I have to convert all my files to MP4
ok i finally got it figured out. I went to the playstation forum and got this and it works.

With the advent of Firmware Update 1.8, we are now given the opportunity to stream media from UPnP and DLNA enabled devices/servers. This is a very powerful tool and absolutely indispensable for any media center device in the household.

Prior to firmware update 1.8, users had to copy files one-by-one from storage devices to the Playstation 3, the worst part being that the video formats compatible were few and uncommon. Mp4 and MPEG-2 converters were the best tools available at the time.

Now, with firmware update 1.8, we can now stream photos, music and video from our UPnP and DLNA enabled devices! One in particular Nero Ultra Edition 7 enables the users to share folders on the network via a UPnP service named Nero MediaHome. The power of NMH is that it can transcode video files on-the-fly, as well as music/audio files. What this provides the user is the ability to stream their AVI and other format video files LIVE on their Playstation 3. What NMH does is encodes the source file (i.e. .avi) into a Playstation 3 comaptible format (auto-detected) on-the-fly.

Here's a video to demonstrate me using Nero MediaHome to stream an AVI file to my Playstation 3.

Steps to get Nero MediaHome Running

1. Purchase/Obtain a copy of Nero Ultra Edition 7

2. Install Nero Ultra Edition 7 using Typical settings, if you choose not to include all the applications, make sure you at least have all the media-related applications (transcoders, streamers, MediaHome, Scout).

3. Nero MediaHome and Nero Scout are MUST INSTALLS.

4. Once the installation is complete run Nero Scout.

5. In Nero scout, select the folders you wish to share on Nero MediaHome, once selected, make sure to hit Index Now from the Indexing menu.

6. Once the indexing is complete, run Nero MediaHome.

7. Check to see if the shared directories are OK.

8. Options can be changed to your liking.

9. Network: Check the network interface which you computer and Playstation 3 belong to.

10. Devices: Make sure your Playstation 3(UPnP/1.0) is turned on, and that it has Allow Access shaded off. (It means it's allowed)

11. Transcoding: No changes needed.

12. Click on Start Server

13. Browse your media from your Playstation 3 and Enjoy!

Thnks works however I had to convert a few to mp4 but i just went through it really fast just to see if it actually worked so I`m going to try with the AVI. hope this helps
Has anyone been able to view their movie files on the PS3 using WMP11?
Well I read about this too but I'm not too keen on the PS3 not being able to support all of the formats of video I have, so I want to use YDL and VLC Player.

But the dilemma I have is that YDL/Gnome will not allow anything to be played or accessed through VLC over the network. It always says it cannot be accessed since it isn't a local device. Is there a way to make it a usable directory?

Basically I want to watch movies I download(anime, so leave legality out of it) onto my PC on my PS3 through YDL and VLC player.

I've tried searching but can't find anything regarding it. That and I really don't know what to call what i'm trying to do.

Sorry if this seems like hijacking, but the title seemed the most appropriate fit for my question.

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