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How hot should your GPU run?

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basically my question is how hot should the GPU run on average, and what temperature would be dangerous to the point of damage. I plan on adding a PCI fan or better heatsink but i just wanted to get an idea as this is my first actual "Gameing" video card.
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for a video card 75c should b the max limit and the average when its idle should b no more than 65 idle recommended is less than 60

NJman, just wondering what card are you planning on using? Are you planning on over clocking it at all?

Most video cards should run well in the safe range with the default cooling. Your load temp (the temp of your card under "stress" such as intense gaming) for the card should never go over 75c and as elokito said an idle temp of <60 c is recommended.

As long as you have proper ventilation in your case (about half and half intake/exhaust fans depending size of the case and fans as well as fan location) you should be fine with stock cooling assuming you are not over clocking the card.

Hi, well an acceptable temperature for the GPU may also depend on the GPU. For example my ATI x1900xt runs at 80C sometimes under full load, I became worried but after some research I found out that most people are getting those temperatures and that it pose no risk to the card. So I think it really depends on the GPU, for one GPU 80c may be extremely hot, for other GPU (like mine) its under the normal range.

By: Paztelu

my 8800 runs at around 65 c but the temp cut off is 115 c so I imagine they can run pretty hot

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the card i have is a PNY 7900 GS which was reccomended by a friend. i havent acctually been able to run it juwt yet because i have to get a PSU with the proper current rating but i just want to be sure that i dont damage the card because it wasnt exactly cheap.
Oh, thats a pretty sweet card. :-)

As long as you don't OC it and have proper case ventilation you have nothing to worry about. Cards will also start to pixelate before they become damaged so watch out for that.

I guess the card temps really vary, as paztelu said, from card to card.
temps vary from gpu to gpu.

i would be worried if it (any gpu) was going over 100c under load but most have a cut off in their drivers that slows them down once they hit 115c or 120c.
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