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Xbox 360 & Stealth backups explained

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Tool download links:

SchtromXtract 3.2

Xbox Backup Creator 2.5

DVDmulleter beta8


Backups, Xbox-live, Security Sectors, Stealth and more

Microsoft is sometimes doing additional checks on discs: PFI/DMI (so images without these sectors (or if using an old FWs without support for PFI/DMI) can probably be detected easily), drive inquiry (reads ascii string from drive), and capacity (reports capacity of disc) are requested. Strange thing here is MS requests 0x8000 bytes for PFI and DMI, while it should normally be 0x0800 bytes. TheSpecialist pointed out that the remaining 0x7800 bytes contains the relocated SS and PFI on burned discs ... which would make it very easy to detect backups for MS. C4E however said this would not work on TS drives as its cut off to 0800 even if more data is asked, it's unconfirmed how modified HLG FWs drives respond to this atm.

Apparently there's also an issue with SS (Security Sector) extracted from Hitachi-LG, some necessary data is screwed ... which means that probably only the Toshiba-Samsung / Kreon setup has been extracting correct SS.

The new Xtreme Online FW will have less features than the current Xtreme FWs: no single-layer (DVD5) support, no ripping of games (0800 mode), but more features to safely play from burned discs (emulate the exact speed and timings of the original games) and prevent booting from un-safe discs (without PFI and DMI or bad SS - so discs not passing the 'Stealth Check' are not going to boot on the new firmware), or images that aren't exact dumps of the original. Of course no guarantee MS will never ban you based on new checks. This new FW will be for new consoles being modded, because even if you're not banned from LIVE yet there's no way to know if MS already has info/logs on your console ID regarding timings or other stuff.

How to check your dvd-backups for stealth and present PFI/DMI sectors:


Check if your backup contains the DMI/PFI sector by using DVDinfo, doing the following.
Insert the disc in your PC drive, select "read blocks from media" and enter "1FB1D", click read.

you should see this: (the PFI)
01 02 31 10 00 03 00 00 00 FC F8 9E 00 03 0A 8F
the rest is filled with zero's.
Click read once more to go to the DMI sector.

This sector is filled with data, somewhere near the end it says "XBOX".

If you get a blank PFI/DMI sector, i would not use that game on Xbox live.

XDVD mulleter

This is an alternative method:

1.Insert back-up
2.Start DVD Mulleter
3.Toggle view ISO details
4.Click Next
5.Select "Load from DVDR" tab
6.Select Drive from drop down menu
7.Click Load disk
8.ISO loaded successfully
10.Look at "Extreme Compatability" box
if all are ticked, the disc is stealth

How to rebuild your backups, so they are stealth.

Firstly you'll have to backup your backup, either by using your PC Kreon drive, or your Xbox 360 samsung drive. Read more about making a backup further down in this tutorial.

Then after you have dumped the image, you might want to scan it by using Xbox Backup Creator 2.5 to see which partitions are missing, so you know which sectors are missing. Use "Stealth Checker" under the tab "Image Tools" for this. Mostly the PFI, DMI, and video sectors are missing from disc, which makes the disc non-stealth. Note the current version of Xbox Backup Creator, always report Questionable video, which doesn't matter.

After you determined which files are missing, you should collect the missing files. Go to or any other site to search and obtain your missing sectors. If you are missing a DMI sector from Crackdown, search in your specific region for "DMI". It'll come up with a list of DMI files. Search the most appropriate Crackdown DMI sector, and download it. You can do thesame for PFI files.

The video sector, can be found in the download of DVDMulleter. Extract the Xbox360Video.rar from the main folder of DVDmulleter, and you'll have your video.iso. Or you could extract the video sector from another image, using DVDmulleter, Xbox Backup Creator or SchtromXtract. All three programs have similar functions, but i recommend Xbox Backup Creator.

Once you have collected the missing files, it is time to inject them into your image, so you'll have a stealth game.

You can use either SchtromXtract 3.2 or Xbox Backup Creator, to inject the sectors

Open up SchtromXtract, and click "Tools" and then "image inject/extract". The injection tool will come up. Next click "inject" , open up your game-image, select which sector to inject, and then select the file to inject. Click Start and it'll inject. You can proceed doing this with every missing sector. Enjoy Your Stealth Made Backups.

How to check your images for stealth and present PFI/DMI sectors:

Xbox Backup Creator

Open up Xbox Backup Creator, click Image Tools, and then click “Stealth Check”. Now select the 360 image, that is located on your PC harddrive. A window will pop up and show you if the test has passed.

SchtromExtract 3.2

Open up Schtrom, click Tools, and then click “acidflash Image Stealth Check”. Now select the 360 image, that is located on your PC harddrive. A window will pop up and show you if the test has passed.

Extra info about Stealth Media, SS, PFI, DMI and video sectors.

* Stealth Media
This is to clear up a few misconceptions about what Stealth Media is and how it works. This is not firmware stealth. Reading the firmware itself for changes is not controlled by the firmware itself, it is a low level hardware function which cannot be stopped by firrmware code.

Stealth Media is all about making a backup disc appear to the Xbox360 host exactly the same as an original. Although this was already done by the Security Sector and the challenge/response, there remained a number of differences on the disc that are currently not checked for. It would be very easy for the dash or the particular game to perform these extra disc checks. There are four main aspects to Stealth Media:

* PSN Lockdown:
This is a two part process:
-Before disc authentication (security sector,challenge response) is performed the drive will only allow vaild PSN reads as defined in the PFI sector. This is currently the standard video partition. Any request to read outside this range is not allowed - as per originals. (No more reading of the backup PFI,DMI,SS sectors.)
-After disc authentication is performed and the drive is unlocked only valid PSN reads are allowed from the range defined by the Security Sector, this is the standard game partition. Any request to read outside this range is not allowed - as per originals.

* PFI Sector (Physical Format Information):
This sector is contained within the lead-in and contains information about its physical format. Disc booktype, start PSN and end PSN and Layerbreak are contained here. Currently all Xbox360 and Xbox1 games have the same PFI information, but that may change.
On Writable media (our backups), this also contains media specific information such as Media Code/Manufacturer ID and Media Product Revision number.
Any requestes for this information is now redirected to the the PFI sector now at $04FB1D (for Xbox 360 backups) or $0605FD (Xbox 1 backups), if it exists. If it does not exist (pre V3 backup) a seperate embedded PFI is used for Xbox 360 and Xbox 1.

* DMI Sector (Disk Manufacturing Information):
This sector is also contained within the lead-in and contains information about the Disc manufacturer, such as Company name, batch id etc. This is currently different for each Xbox360 and Xbox1 game in each region.
Any requestes for this information is now redirected to the the DMI sector now at $04FB1E (for Xbox 360 backups) or $0605FE (Xbox 1 backups).
A pre V3 backup will always return blank information for this. (A possible detection method.)

* Video Partition:
When Extreme V1 was released ,the disc build included a blank video partition as it wasn’t required for games to boot. As this can be checked by the XBox360 host, the standard video partition from any game was included with the stealth firmware. The video partition is nothing more then the message you will get once you put the 360 game in a dvd player; “To play this disc, please put it in an Xbox 360”.

Backing Up Xbox 360 Games

There are a few different ways to back up your Xbox 360 games.There is an easy method, but it requires that you purchase a specific DVD-ROM drive and install it in your PC.

Using Your Xbox 360 Drive (Samsung only)

Creating a game backup

This method involves connecting the Samsung drive to your PC. This method currently does not work with the Hitachi drive because the game partition fails to unlock correctly. In order to get the Samsung drive recognized in Windows, the drive needs to already have the flashed firmware on it. You will need to enable the built-in 0800 mode of the firmware. First, you need to burn the enable0800.iso to a DVD+R DL using IMGBurn or CloneCD. Even though the .iso image is only about 250mb, it needs to be burned onto DVD+R DL for it to work correctly. However if you are sure that your Samsung drive has got Xtreme 5.0 (or older) firmware then you can burn the .iso to a single layer dvd.

(Note: burning this iso does not require a .dvd file or a specific layerbreak. just burn the iso.)

Have the Xbox 360 and PC both powered off. Both power and video cables should be hooked up to the Xbox 360. Connect the Samsung drive to your PC via a SATA cable.

Power on Xbox 360. (leave PC off!)
Insert Enable0800 DVD into drive. Wait a about 5-15 seconds untill the laser stops shifting then remove the Enable0800 DVD. Drive is now in 0800 mode.
Turn on PC and wait for Windows to boot.
Insert an original game disk into your Samsung drive and wait for windows to detect disk change.

The easiest method to backup your games is by using Xbox Backup Creator. All you need to do is insert your game and run Xbox Backup Creator 2.5.

Or you could use SchtromExtract 3.2to extract the game with the click of a button.

Turning off 0800 mode of firmware

Either insert game backup (Xbox 360 or Xbox 1) or DVD movie. This de-activates 0800 part of firmware or turn off console.

Purchasing a "Kreon" Drive - Highly Recommended

The following drives can be purchased, installed in your PC, then flashed with one of Kreon's alternate firmwares for reading Xbox 360 games.

SH-D162C (IDE)
TS-H352C (IDE)

After purchasing the drive, install it in your PC and then get on Xbins and download the firmware.

No pics for you guys, but this is fairly simple. Have fun stealthpatching your games, i've redid two of my games.
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very nice and well written, Bravo my good man.

Is the stealth firmware already released? Wasn't it called iXtreme or something. I'm thinking of getting a 360 off ebay, Is this to much hard work to find a new console and do all that patching or am I better off just playing offline.

I don't have a DVD-DL burner let alone with that KOREON firmware. And I really am a Noob with this Xbox 360 stuff. So my question is, Should I buy an Xbox 360 with this Stealth firmware and Buy a particular DVD - DL burner and download some back ups to patch and burn or is it just not worth it as MS might figure out a way to ban the 360's again?
No, the new firmware is not really out there yet. It is in testing. I also would not buy your console off of Ebay. there is no telling what you will get. It could be already banned. It could be already flashed, It could have been flashed and then reflashed back to the original firmware to try and fool you.

At this point the only really safe console is a brand new one. I wish this were not true but it is.

Do I still need to buy the DL burner and flash that?

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Heya, Just like to point out that XDVDMulleter Beta 8 is out, with much better stealth checking than previously.

Oh and also, video partition checkbox is correct, its video data that isnt present :) I should have made this clearer. Anyhow, its fixed in xdvdmulleter b8

XDVDMulleter Beta 8
Hi I was using dvdinfoprop

i checked my Gears of War disc and it had the same code as your example did 01 02 31 10 00 03 00 00 00 FC F8 9E 00 03 0A 8F

then i checked my command and conquer game and it has

00000000 01 02 31 10 00 03 00 00 00 FC F9 C3 00 03 08 6F ..1............o

i ran the .iso through Xbox backup creator and it has the option to stealth check and so i checked it and it said it passed stealth check. so i was just curious seeings that the hex numbers are not the same as in your example. thanks.

oh and all my backup games are from my original disks no downloaded games or anything like that.
gbm92 Suspended due non-functional email address
Were is the video file of the game your talking about???

i assume on my computer?? these are all copies of my original games, so i dont know.
Wow, nice guide jelle2503. I'm still not banned on 4.2 firmware so I ain't changin anything till I get banned. Like you said chances are MS are already aware of my console. If they aren't then changing the firmware might just alert them. I'd have to buy a new console and I'm not prepared to do that.

I know I'm off topic slightly but I have a friend with a Hitachi drive and he ain't banned either yet. We're just gonna sit tight. I just wanna highlight the fact that there are still some of us out there on old firmware whom can still use live (for now...)
quick question: where do you get the Video Data to insert into the iso? - it's the only thing i'm missing. can't seem to find it anywhere.
gbm92 Suspended due non-functional email address
blinks im with you man i can't find it

Hey guys,

Question, I have a game - full auto that is missing the pfi/dmi - can I play this game safeyl on my system if I disconnect the lan cable to make sure I am not on live?

Or does the 360 still logs some info about the disk and then when I connect to live MS finds out and i get banned?

Also how can I re-patch the game if all I have is the dvd and no longer have the iso file on my hard drive?
Originally posted by Binkys:
quick question: where do you get the Video Data to insert into the iso? - it's the only thing i'm missing. can't seem to find it anywhere.
Grab xdvdmullter beta 9. As long as you have a valid PFI and you can insert the correct video file with it. It comes with the 3 different videos files current out there.
hey to copy a game to my pc can I hook up the xbox to my pc and copy it though the xbox? Im not understanding how this works do I have to buy Kreon drive??
Hey guys just want to double check that im not doing something horribly wrong with my setup. Currently what im doing is downloading my games off the net(checking them for stealth now) burning them on some hp dl disks with the correct layer break and set to dvd-rom book type, using my LG GSA-E60L.

Also i have an extra 360 lying around that i tried to fix but ended up scratching the bottom when i was removing the xclamps(the gpu was 'fried' and was giving me tons of artifacts)with a hitachi drive and I was wondering if theres anything i could do with it?
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