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Burned DVD Won't Play on Home DVD Player

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Hi Folks,

I canít imagine this question hasnít been asked before, but I couldnít find the answer with the Forumís Search Engine, so Iíll post it here.

I have the following:
Sony DRU-510A DVD burner
Panasonic DVD-RV31 home DVD player
DVD Cloner
Easy CD and DVD Creator 6
DVD-R blank disks

The Panasonic DVD playerís instruction manual says it wonít play DVD-R disks and, sure enough, when I copy a movie to one with DVD Cloner, the movie will play on my computer but not on the Panasonic. I get a Wrong Media error, or something like that.

My first question is this: When I use DVD Builder in Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 to make a DVD with DVD-R disks, it plays just fine on my Panasonic DVD player, but unfortunately I canít use DVD Builder to copy DVDs because of the AC3 sound problem. So why will a DVD-R disk play in that situation and not with a copied DVD and is there any way to work around it or will I just have to buy a new home DVD player?

My second question is this: I was looking at new DVD players today and several had a feature which allows you to view JPEG pictures burned on a CD-ROM. Has anybody tried that and how well does it work? That is exactly the technology I want for home slide shows.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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I don't understand your first question regarding the AC3 sound problem. Perhaps you can rephrase it.

Seems many have had success with playback using the DVD-RV31. Worth a read:

Thanks for the response.

To rephrase the problem: If I put all the .VOB movie segments into the DVD Builder portion of Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 and try to burn them, I get a warning saying that Easy CD/DVD doesn't support AC3 and the movie will burn without a soundtrack. True enough, it does, or at least the unburned preview has no sound. If I could solve that problem I'd be in pretty good shape because I know the DVDs that DVD Builder creates will play in my Panasonic. Does that make sense?
I just read the reviews of my Panasonic DVD player and it looks like some folks have gotten it to play DVD-R disks even though the manual says it won't, and, so far, mine won't with FujiFilm DVD-Rs. Interesting. I'm brand new at this DVD burning bidness, but it appears the standards aren't really standards yet.
I use Nero and have no experience with Roxio, but DarkFoss seem to have a workaround for you:

I've had nothing but trouble with Roxio ECD/DVD 6, so you're better off with Nero.

Thanks for the info. I'm about to try it. I'll let you know.
No dice. Same error
For maximum compatibilty use Record Now Max or Prassi Primo

Easy DVD is crap
Nero has compatibilty problems and although version 6 seems to have overcome this it has other bugs.
Dave your safest and easiest bet to getting this media backedup is to use DVD Shrink for ripping and compression and then use Nero to burn. If using Nero 6 make sure you save it into the dvd-video format or it wont work on your standalone.

Hi When I burn my dvds with DVD Decrypter (dvd5), the dvd work very on my computer and on my home dvd but, when i use SmartRipper and DVD2One, for dvd9, my dvd work only in the computer! But dont work in my home dvd! Why it doesnt work in my home dvd???????? ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE THANK U

Did you burn to a VIDEO_TS folder when you burnt VOB BUP IFO files ? Also what did you use to burn ?? As cmsales has Nero 6 use DVD-Video and then you'll see VIDEO_TS folder.

Leave the CAPS alone please as it's deemed shouting , no need to shout ..we're not deaf : )

Yeah i burn into VIDEO_TS folder with roxio cd crator 5, I burn it as a data dvd, it work on my computer but not in my home dvd, tell me what i did wrong! should i use nero 6? and how please
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hi all

In reply to DAVE410's second question! about putting JPEG on a dvd player which allows it! i have done this and its great! i thought i would need some program but NO!

I just threw all jpegs on to cdr and they played with its built in player "SLIDE SHOW" and more flip the pic and other stuff! its great!

and the DVD player was £49 no name from safeways!


Nero 6 : DVD-Video tab then add all VOB BUP IFO files into red VIDEO_TS folder & burn (it's that simple mate)

If you need more help , just holla


Hi Rotary,

It's interesting you say that about the jpegs, because I tried it and I was very unhappy with the results. Am I doing something wrong?

First, I burned a little DVD movie of my jpegs with Roxio Easy CD/DVD 6 and it worked okay as long as I didn't have the .17 update installed. It's basically a movie of still images so it looks like a slideshow. It played on my TV set and looked okay, but I wasn't real happy with the image quality.

Second, since my current DVD player didn't have the jpeg display feature we're talking about, I bought a new Panasonic F65 yesterday and hooked it up last night. It plays the jpegs burned on a CD-Rom just fine, but the image quality was much worse than the movie that Roxio created. Lots of shimmering and distortion. The jpegs themselves were high-res images from my digital camera and each file was about 1.5 Megs in size, and my TV is an expensive 32-inch Panasonic, but it's not HDTV, so that might be part of the problem.

Did you say you were happy with your results? How did you do it? I'd really like to get this technology working because I have about 1500 35mm slides I'm planning to scan and make slideshows with.

Many thanks,
hi all

The quality wasnt as good as on my hansol pc monitor! but still very good! about the same size i would say hi res 1.5 meg! like a dvd movie quailty (original!)

i just dropped all pics to a cdr with no folder!


That's what I did too. What DVD player are you using and how big is your TV screen?
hi all

i have a 28" wide screen and the dvd player is a noname model called compaqs not compaq computer name! it was £49 from a foodshop called safeways in the plays dvd-r cdr audio its great! oh also NTSC and PAL! if NTSC that would be region free?


also i think you can have folders!?! as i rexall it brings menu type thing up
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Nothing here to see, move along folks.


Thanks, I'm gonna have to look into this.
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