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wii mote problems

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hey guys sorry if this issue has been addressed but i didnt see it on here. anyways... my wii mote is acting weird. i have two of them and the 2nd player wii mote isnt being sensed by my sensor but it only happens when i start a game. for instance. when i play wii sports with my wife i can pick my player with wii mote #1 and she can pick her player with wii mote #2 ( so basically the red and blue little pointer hands appear on the screen and they are interactive) but when we pick a game, say, tennis she cannot swing her racket. so its picking up the wii mote in all the option screens and her buttons work so she can click A and B at the same time when prompted but the sensor doesnt work when the game starts. any ideas? thanks
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Try initializing the Wii Remote again.

Do this by opening up the battery cover on the Wii Remote and press the red button. Now on the front of the Wii there should be a cover you can open which has another red button that you need to press. It then should initialize the second Wii Remote.

If it still doesn't work try going into your Wii settings and bring up the sensitivity of the Wii sensor bar.

i tried both of those and nothing. pretty weird.
its ok my wife smacked hers against a table then it acted funny i think the sensor got jammed or something what i did was turn off wii and restart take bat. out of the remote put batteries back in and re sync then try wii sports again if not try it just like that a few times i did that then smacked the remote with my hand not hard where my wife smacked it lol then it worked

DUDE!!! holycrap! it didnt work when i restarted it and took the batteries out but when i tapped it against the kitchen table (not too hard) it started working like new. dude that is the craziest advie ive gotten off of here but like most advice i get off of here it worked like a charm. thank you very much.
well if it happens again tap it with youre hand not the a hard surface but it worked so there you go
My parents Wii (yeah crazy huh??) had the exact same problem it got droped and stoped working. I went over there and said well it's all ready broken so lets try tapping it kinda hard on all axis to see what happens....

Sure enough it sprang right back to life.
Has worked for a few weeks now with no more problems.
I can see a revision of the Nintendo Users manual. Under trouble shooting...

Q) Wii Remote does not react to sensor bar
A) slam the Wii Remote against hard surface on its axis point.

I also can see Official Nintendo Service Technicians slamming the Wii Remote against their Work Bench and placing it in the fixed bin to be sent back to the costumer.

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