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Embedded video capture: NO prog. required

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**For Use with Internet Explorer**

This is a guide to "capture" video from just about any site. This method has been used on Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Milkandcookies, get the point just about any video sharing website. Also, this same method can be used for just about video that is embedded on a website.

IMPORTANT NOTE, using this method the files will save as .flv. However, this is not a problem just use SUPER to convert the files.

The Premise
Essentially everything that appears on your computer is in your Temporary Internet Files Folder for at least some period of time, so all you have to is go in there and find. (Yes, there is much more to it than just that, all I know is thats where videos, games, pictures, and music can be found)

The method for Youtube; which is essentially the same method for all other sites.

1. Go to any video you wish and let the video completely load (You can pause the video and just let it load)

2. Now that the video is loaded note the last part of the url for the video:

3. Now go to Tools--->Internet Options:

4. Select Settings:

5. Select View Files:

6. Arrange the files by Type, just click Type:

7. Locate the video by the its url address as in step 1. For Youtube you locate the video by every after the = :

Here is what a Metacafe video appears as:

Note that the file extension is .flv

For videos from other sites, you will have have to look for the file ending with .flv

8. Double-Click and Save.

9. For Youtube the video will save as "get_video". To make it more easily playable change the file name and extension to get_video.avi. Metacafe and other sites will save as .flv, these can also be changed to .avi and played by Windows Media Player.


Q: Why not just use Firefox and videodownlaoder?
A: Don't want to.

Q: Why not use a "real capture" program?
A: Don't want to pay for a program.

Q: Why not just get a program by other means?
A: Hung up my "hook" and "eye-patch",as it were, some time ago; though it seems I still have a "peg-leg".

Q: Didn't you know that VirtualDub is free?
A: Did not know that until 30 minutes ago. But I have not used it yet, so I do not know about the quality.

Q: Does this only work for videos?
A: No, it also work for many flash based games. Additionally, this method was "developed" after watching a video showing how to get music from your Temp. Internet Folder.
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Just wanted to add, I just discovered this same method work for Tv-toolbar movies, the movies appear as .divx format.
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another tweak, speed up you download speed and this process is much quicker.
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For larger videos, I found that I had to increase the cache setting in my flash player in order to allow it to cache the whole video. For those that don't know how to do that, just right click on the video and when the flash player settings box pops up, click on the file folder tab on the bottom. Then drag the slider to increase how much information the site can store on your computer. Make the number big enough so the whole video can be cached. This setting may be site specific, so you may have to do this when you visit each site for the first time.
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