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Hello all!

I'm considering purchasing the Oppo OPPO LT-201 for a spare room. I was wondering if the built in DVD player can be made region free with the same method as their other players. I can't seem to find this answer anywhere... does anyone know?

Oppo LT-201

Thank you!
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Yes, it works the same way as the dvd players.

Turn on the Oppo LCD unit with no DVD inserted
You press 'DVD Setup' on the remote.
While the setup screen is displayed, enter 9210
This will reveal a region code screen which is probably set to '1'
Simply enter 0. This replaces the 1 (US) with 0 (all regions).
Press DVD setup again.

We bought some Disney Fairy toys that came with a DVD but they were region 2. Go figure.

Simple. You can now view any region on this player.
By the way, we use this in our kids room and she loves it. Resolution is pretty low and it is 4:3 ratio but for a general purpose movie player, it is excellent and looks great.
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