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Should Xbox be Horizontal or Vertical? Best way to keep cool?

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Just got an xbox, and was wondering what was the best way to prolong the life of the xbox, have it vertical or horizontal?

I heard bad stuff about the intercooler? any other suggestions to keep the xbox cool?

Surfing the forums and couldn't find any answers.
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just think, standing the consold up lets it be more open to air, and less area is covered in carpet, or what ever surface you have it on, so put it up.

it doesnt matter, it is more important to make sure you dont put it on carpet or in a intertainment center. if you do it will recirculate hot air and cause it to over heat.
lay it in a open area where it can breath good and dont set any other device on top of it and it will be fine.
from experience when vertical it is noisy and sounds like scratching discs!

horizontal it shuts up and doesn't scratch anything! but don't switch horizontal or vertical while the disc is in drive and spinning or it will scratch!
use a fan stand to keep it cool. i got one for $20. it uses usb for power and blows cool air into the xbox. i noticed a big difference when i started using it

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Dosent matter its a faulty piece bad just mad because I have to buy another:(
doesnt really matter, mine is vertical away from the wall so it can have good air flow.

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Thanks for the advice, I have it in the open on top of the entertainment center vertically.

Could you point out an example of a usb powered fan? i rather buy a fan with a separate power source (not connected to the xbox to give it less stress). it is best to have it pointed directly toward the back of the xbox huh?
yeah buy a fan with separate powersource. the fan should be pulling out the air from the back! pull out of 360's back.

someone who has vertical try putting it horizontal and see if it is a bit silent!
so I should buy a fan and have it blow away from the back of the xbox?
I kept my first 360 in an entertainment system and the heat killed it
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I personally can tell you a few things that will help.
1. put the 360 horizantal (vertical can always give you problems with scratching discs much easier). Make sure it is not on carpet, if it is then take an old VHS video tape and put it directly under the center of the console. This will keep it off the carpet and allow for good airflow.
2. keep the house cool, the hotter that house is the hotter your 360 will get no matter what else you do.
3. you can get a Talismoon LED fan and replace the stock one. It moves more air, is quiter, works better than all those so called "coooler" add on products which are pure junk, and of course has a cool LED glow coming from your console vents.

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