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Asus motherboard Soundmax sound drivers

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I have a ASUS motherboard type A7V8X-X and am having trouble installing the ASUS Soundmax software. The software installs but then a dialog box appears with the message 'Driver not found. Reboot your system and run this setup again.'. This I do but with the same result. I have loaded the ASUS 4in14543v driver package and the windows patch (KB935448), but to no avail. Has anyone seen this problem?. Thank you, I would apprecate any help.
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Try installing the program called Everest Home Edition and see if that helps you out with the link they provide.


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What OS are U Using. Next time be specific about this things it makes reply easier
PJCrago Suspended due non-functional email address
I tried the Major Geeks website and downloaded the Everest software. Great tool for obtaining hardware info but caused conflicts. No links generated perhaps I am not using it properly.

You are right of course I should have included the OS details. I am running XP Pro with SP2. Thank you for your help.
try this link tho for intel is still the same version for yours.
Ok Then this people gave you a good advice in finding a solution there's nothing more i can add except asking you this is your Motherboard new If it is try returning it to where you purchased it. Use the warranty probably the board has problems. if its old try installing the drivers manually by updating the drivers in the device manager some hardwares need to be installed manually like I frequently encountered in Vista, it may also happen in XP since XP started as like that too.

my friend had the same problem recently. He have found the site which has a lot of drivers, firmwares for Asus devices. Try to use it also. Here is the direct link to Asus motherboard directory - " motherboard drivers"

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