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PGEN help: Genisis format???? .BIN? .GEN? etc.......

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I am confused to da max.

on one great rom website,the roms are .gen, and on this website feturing specific custom hacks, i get a .bin file. why is this? when i try to use the .gen roms with pgen, they do not appear recognized. HAS THE WORLD GONE INSANE???? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???????

I'm glad I'm Notyu

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ok LOOK.

the text below is RIGHT FROM the installation guide from pgen.
but to make it very very clear:

| NOTE: Roms MUST have either a ".bin", ".smd" or ".zip" extension to be recognised by PGEN.
meaning your .gen files are not using the standard
rom naming convention, so they should be renamed.
but your .bin files will work fine.

if you're worried about finding GoodGEN, then get it here

| Notes about the PGEN rom list: |
| ------------------------------ |
| |
| The PGEN romlist is built the same way for each of the 3 supported |
| devices, according to the layout of the filesystem for each device. |
| This means that you can have sub-directories which span off the root |
| directory, and you can use directories to categorise your rom files. |
| |
| PGEN will use the filenames of roms when building the romlist - it |
| will not scan rom headers to get the rom name (this would take far too |
| much time). This means that if a rom's filename was "Sonic the Hedgehog|
| 2 (JUE) [!].smd", it will appear as "Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (JUE) [!]" |
| in the romlist. We suggest using the GoodGEN utility to rename your |
| roms to use the standard rom naming convention. You can download the |
| GoodGEN utility from the PGEN website. |
| |
| NOTE: Roms MUST have either a ".bin", ".smd" or ".zip" extension to be |
| recognised by PGEN.


nobody reds the manuel

I'm glad I'm Notyu

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