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I have a new Dvd player thats having problems reading my external hard drive. I don't know if its incompatible with the hard drive and what not. I'm using a cooler master xcraft enclosure with a hitachi 80gb hd. I just wanted to watch some AVI files off it on my dvd player. But it doesnt seem to be working. When I plug in my 2 gb flash drive i can run AVI files off of that fine. Theyre both massive storage devices so why does the external hdd not work? Thanks.
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well how are the files presented, if there in a folder the dvd player wont find them, put them out in the open, the root of the drive, maybe it only reads drives that are FAT32 not NTFS, maybe the dvd players usb wont pay up that much power, it could be a low power one that doesn't do 300 milliamp, only 50.

good luck
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Check the filesystem of the hd, I'm pretty sure NTFS is not compatible with DVDplayers. NTFS is a microsoft exclusive filesystem so you would expect that it won't be readable with dvd players unless it is ms friendly. FAT32 is the best filesystem if you want to use that hd in other systems(Linux,Mac[fat32 is default fs],dvdplayers etc).

Check your flashdrive's FS it is always FAT32 and you can't convert it to any other FS

But there could be other factors as well...

Maybe your hd has more than one partition and the player can't read hd's with more than one partition (i'm not sure about this one though as I have only used FAT32 single partition for my external hddrives that I use in ps2 or dvdplayers)

Maybe the dvdplayer don't support 80 gig and above external hddrives. on 60gig and below. CHeck the player's website for compatible sizes.
If that's the case partition your hd to the allowed size and maybe the player would be able to read it
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hi i have new dvd player player from china that can play dvd,mp3,wma,jpeg,divx and have usb port.when you use usb to watch movie its fine,but when you use hard drive 3.5 formatted fat32 and have 3partition ,it cant play,is it because the hard drive have partition?
Your player probably doesn't work with your hard drive because it is either an NTFS formatted drive or the USB port doesn't provide enough power for the drive. I added a secondary power source for my harddrive that I had connected to my LG 831 and it suddenly started working.
I forgot to add that my harddrive is a single partition, FAT32, 160GB 2.5in drive in an external enclosure that usually runs off my computer's USB port without problems, but it does have a connection for an external power source.
I am having the same Problem. I have the Mustek MP100 Portable DVD Player and a 500GB FAT32 Plug-and-play and hot-swappable Mobile Disk Beyond Micro External Hard Drive with external Power connector. Some of the files show up on the drive but not in the right order and for some reason some do not play. I sometimes get the message unsupported format but when I put in on a flash drive it plays perfectly. Can someone please help me solve this problem, The mustek online help worth reply to any of my issues.
Feel free to ask me anything that will help anyone of you assist my in solving this problem.
I have similar problem with my DVD player with USB support Welltech (it was bought in Lidl). I tried 2 Kingston Data Travelers 1G and 2 G.
1 GB works fine, but 2 GB file system is not recongnised by the player. What strikes me as an odd, because I can see no difference between them. I tried to format 2GB to be the same as 1 GB i.e. FAT - I had to use 16K cluster, but other then that - everything is the same. I spotted small difference in boot record - 2GB has OEM id MSDOS55 and 1 GB has something different. Maybe 1GB was formatted with different tool?
Has anybody any hint what can I do with 2GB to make work?
I just recently purchased the PIONEER 410V DVD PLAYER for $99 which supports USB. SO for a while I was using a USB key (8g.) So then I though why don't I get an external harddrive, so I found one brand new from bestbuy the SIMPLETECH 500G designed by Pininfanina (who designs italian cars) got it for $99 and looks beautiful. SO I hooked it up to my Mac and formatted the little guy all the right ways and through on a ton of movies, folders for every theme, bla bla bla.

Hook it up to the DVD player and vola!

It works beaytifully.

For 3 days.

Now it won't read it, the menu won't show up.
I even tried putting a movie outside on its own, not in folder in the hard drive.


So now I gotta transfer to the Mac to the USB 8G then plug that in.
Actually the 8GB is not working either now.

I'm going to try unplugging the DVD player.

Let you guys now if it works again.
So I unplugged the DVD PLAYER

And guess what, the 8GB USB key is working now!

So the Pionner DV 400 VS (its a 400 something)with USB works.

get a SimpleTech 500 GB Harddrive and format FAT32.

total cost of eveything is $198 Brand new, Best Buy.

Okay so I didn;t check to see if the HD works again, but imagine it does sinced it worked before, you just need to unplug the DVD player every few days.
Just to make things clear, the 500GB Hard drive also did work after I unplugged the DVD player!

Things are good!
Have the same problem with a Pioneer DVD player except that as soon as I plugged an 80gb 3.5inch portable hdd in it wouldn't recognise anything on the drive. I plugged my 2gb thumb drive in and that wouldn't work any more either. I had been using my thumb drive without fault for nearly 6 months.

I phoned Pioneer help desk and they told me a lot of stuff I didn't really understand but the long and short of it was that I could try resetting the player by holding down the STOP button and STANDBY button together for 3 secs.
Failing that I had to reformat the driver (either HDD or Thumb drive) using Partition Magic FAT32 making sure the 'Primary Sector' was no bigger than 32gb. (I'm starting to wonder if I misheard the 32gb bit, could have been 32mb or 32k)

I've down a bit of asking around and more research on the web and cant really get a handle on those instructions.
From my research I'm wondering if the 'Primary Sector' is the same as the Boot Sector?

Apparently plugging in the HDD with the wrong boot info has confued the DVD player and to 'un-confuse' it plugging in a device with this format will do the trick.

Can anyone else shed some light in the subject?
Originally posted by jdeschen:
I forgot to add that my harddrive is a single partition, FAT32, 160GB 2.5in drive in an external enclosure that usually runs off my computer's USB port without problems, but it does have a connection for an external power source.

You need to externally power your HD.

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Hey, found this thread while doing some resarch about the possibility of attaching an external HD to a dvd player usb port. For what I read above about pioneer, that dvd player only supports FAT16 drives, hence the 32 GBytes limit.

Pioneer must have been talking about the first partition (not first sector).

Also the note about an external power supply is a wise one. If you are not powering your drive, you are taking power out of the dvd player itself, overloading it's circuits with two possible outcomes: a- the player will not have enough power for an external drive to operate correctly
b- if power is enough you are for sure shortening your dvd player's life expectancy as circuits will be overheated.

Hope this helps.

Well today I just purchased a Philips DVP5992 (Brand New) from Costco for $52.45 with USB 2.0 Support of Xvid/Divx Ultra...from Divx 1-6...

Today I through a Naruto AVI at it to see if it would work. It gave me video codec not was in h364 or something like that format so I reformated the avi to Xvid and made it 704 x 480..

Worked wonders...Now I am thinking on buying a small Passport drive that is like 100GB or 150GBs...I know I could use Partition Magic to Change the NTFS HDD into a FAT32...My buddy was telling me I should Load up ALL The videos I want onto the NTFS Drive Before Converting it to FAT32.

So Any Recommendations on Passport drives that are cheap that will work like a charm?? I like good quality HDD's like Seagate or Western Digital.

So Any recommendations?

I forgot to mention that I used my PS2 for Playing my DVDs but it was horrible. Sound Was so low when playing movies and after awhile my Modded PS2 stopped playing original DVDs...I had to make Copies of my OWN DVDs on Taiyo Yuden DVD-R's just to watch them. So I Decided to go out and get a DVD player with the Nifty USB 2.0 Support. I like the fact that I can now watch my Anime Episodes without having to make a DVD of 7 Episodes which takes about 2.5 hours to make just to watch on my PS2.
Aren't Passport drives USB powered?

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The reviews also help to determine which media gives the best results.
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