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Zenith DVD2200 won't play DVD+R discs??

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I bought probably one of the first DVD players that came out in 1999. In the manual it doesn't give a distinction on disc types that are playable. My new hp ze5400us has a DVD+RW drive, I bought some DVD+R discs to backup some of my home dvd movies. After I decoded them and burned them to a disc, I can play them on my computer, and Play Station 2, but my zenith dvd will not play them. What is the problem? Can it be that the dvd player is so old it does not support dvd+r disks?

Any help would be appreciated.

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you can check your players compatibility at
i don't even think +R was invented by 1999, so yes it is too old.

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I checked the compatablity of the player on that link with the media I'm using. According to it, my old dvd player should be playing them. I use dvddecrypt/dvd2one/nero. Would there be a problem with the software?
in the title you said you have a Zenith DVD2200. Is that the correct model number? Because that one is not even on the list.
yes, it is a dvd2200. I thought that perhaps the dvc2200 was the same or similar. It looks like I'm going to have to buy a new dvd player that is a little more modern. I will report my findings on this player to

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