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how to burn blockbuster dvds!!???

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can someone tell me a quick way on how to burn blockbuster rentals? i know i need to decrypt them...any ideas on programs or any good advice?
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Alright mate you could try using DVD shring version 3(you can download it form this website just goto software section) really easy program to use it will unlock the dvd then shrink it for burning, after that you will need to burn these files to DVD using any compatiable software, i use Nero 6 i found it to be the best but each to there own(you can download demo version fron this website) Good luck
Read the forum rules toshiro. If you don't own it, don't ask.

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Your gonna get kicked out now. Read the rules.
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He was asking how to burn DVDs. Let me guess you rented out a crap movie and wanted to know how to burn it.

Same thing happened to me I rented Reign Of Fire and it stunk I recommend getting a lighter and holding the DVD over it. BURN ALL CRAP MOVIES, HEAR, HEAR!
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Call the piracy police!!!

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hi all

*** JESUS CHRIST !!! ***

Hello Toshiro 12
A good idea is for you to phone blockbuster customer services! They will tell you what to do
I will probably get hammered for this post but... Everyone understands why there are rules regarding this topic, and I agree that they need to be enforced to ensure the longevity of this forum, however, I find it amusing when everyone jumps up and becomes Mother Teresa on the poor fool that didn't read the rules.. I would bet my left testicle that 99% of members have "back-ups" of movies they don't own. So, enforce the rules but don't spread hypocrisy.
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I'd bet my right one that what you say is true also. However, what is amazing is that this problem crops up about every other post nowadays.
hi all

if i had a third testicle i would use that in the maths of it all, but i can truly say i aint got a backup from the rental shops!

we all know whats going on here, thats not the piont, its the rawness of it which counts!?!

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Not another one!

hehe :D

Flash DVD Guides:
Rules are rules. I know someone that has been kicked out before for the same type of statement. Rules should apply to everyone equally.

We all know that 99.99999% of the people here PIRATE STUFF! Give me a f***en break. Who are we trying to FOOL?!

hi all

Ummmm... yes mike

Its a fair cop guv - you wont need the handcuff i will come quietly...

I'm back! i only got a slap on the ass it was a female judge. LOL

You have to remember people that company's like blockbuster buy tonnes and tonnes of DVD's for the first release. After a couple of months, they sell a lot of them because there isnt as much demand for them any more. Therefore it is also feasible that someone who wishes to back up their DVD's buys one and needs a bit of help backing it up. Its only illegal if the person says they are renting the discs to copy them. toshiro12 didnt state either way, so its better to give the benefit of the doubt in this case.

hi all

quite true oriphus! hey is adobe premier pro v7 any good for dvd authoring? just read abit on it...

Its better for creating a movie, but it is also good for most movie related stuff. I use it in Uni for uploading a movie from a camcorder and messing around with it. So i presum you could do the same with an mpeg2. Im not sure it recognises the VOB structure of a DVD, but it might. Have you tried the Adobe Encore. There is a 30day trial available from

Oriphus , fair enough it was not said, but nevertheless implied. Aw well.... :-)
lol - You can't prosecute on an implication, i dont see any mention or anything to imply that toshiro12 meant copied blockbuster rented films. He referred to them as 'blockbuster rentals' (i presume you took your inclination from that statement). It could be anything - thats why we'll give him/her the benefit of the doubt.

I get your point anyway ;-D

hi all

All this talk and no one has helped the guy !!!!

20 posts later!!!



PS anyone know where i can get a .CAB maker i got one but its old! thx....
Aw, come on, it was probably Jack Valenti himself playing the devil, posting the bait to get us all worked up.

Personally, I do not have any (Hollywood) movie backup, I only do original video productions. Don't watch that many DVD's any way, maybe a couple a year.
A couple a year?? Wow. I must watch one every night in bed (well if there isnt some soccer on the TV). I ave over 400 DVD's and get more virtually daily. I love them. I dont watch much on TV bar the soccer, more soccer and then some more soccer. I watch the news once a day too. :-D

Yeah, im not inputing any help, im just stating that it may not be piracy. My honest opinion is that it is piracy related, but its an opinion, nothing more :-D


Seeing as it was toshiro12's first post on aD forum(s) I'd say that piracy intent was implied myself (is just my opinion of course)

P.S. Not only did he ask a stupid question but the answer he wants is in so many threads it's unreal...
Not gonna help someone that cant help themselves in the slightest : )

lol - 'Help Me to Help You' Scenario :-D

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