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How do I use the SV2000 WV20V6 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo?

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How do I burn what's on a VHS tape to DVD?
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Normally, I'd say press the "Play" button on the VCR side, and the "Record" button, on the dvd side.
If you're trying to copy a movie from vhs to dvd, Macrovision will probably stop it from happening. There are devices that will supposedly let it happen, but don't know where to get them.

You do realize that whatever is recorded from vhs to dvd, will still be vhs quality, don't you? :o)
Good luck!

I see you use the SV2000 System too.

For recording VHS to Dvd you need to follow These Steps

- First know the length of the tape your transfering --
so when you've put a blank DVD-RW in the DVD portion
you can just set the run time on the DVD to match the
run time of the VHS tape

- 2nd after the dubbing is complete the DVD recorder will
begin finalizing the DVD project. After its done you
can now watch your project

For recording Shows/Films or other Media to DVD Follow These Steps

- First know the length of the item you're recording
- Before recording you can change the length of the chapters
from 5 an hour.
- 2nd after project is complete Disk will finalize.

Note: If you scew the VHS portion of the Combo System the device
will begin to shut down at inconveniant times if you're
trying to make a DVD. So treat the machine with respect or
it will disrespect you.
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