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Resolved Dvd Decrypter Error on Exit

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DVD Decrypter installed ok. I ran it with no DVD in the drive just to see if it would run. It came up ok, but when I chose Exit I
got a dialog with the following message:
Failed to set data for " I clicked OK to close dialog, I then got
Failed to set data for 'DvdDecrypterPlayDvdMovieOnArrival' Clicked OK to close dialog then got
Failed to set data for " 6 more times clicked OK each time. On the 6th time I did not get it anymore. But it happens each time I start the program and try to exit or use the X.

Anyone shed any light on this?
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Hi Jubal15
Uninstall Decrypter then install it again. May just do the trick.

Since Decrypter is no longer updated and there are some movies it can't handle add another free ripper to your arsenal - DVDFab HD Decrypter

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Thanks for the reply binkie7, but I just found the answer. Right clicked on the shortcut and chose Advanced and checked Run As Administrator and the problem went away.
Good deal - txs for posting back what worked for you!

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Another way of fixing this error with out having to click allow every time you open the program is open up DVD Decrypter >Tools>Settings>Registry and uncheck all the boxes and click ok. Now you can open and close DVD Decrypter with no problem.
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