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what are some good irc channels?

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what are some good fserv and chat servers on irc?

thanks in advance
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efnet is the network that has all the goods, but telling you what channels to use on this post is like shouting your drug dealers name in a crowd of police. use to be a great resource for searching for crap on irc, there are others, its been a wile since i used irc its way too fucking slow and to get into any of the good chanels they make you jump through hoops and do all sorts of bad stuff for them, not for me im just a leach
thanks, i really just wanted the name of an indexing site of some sort
once again, the chanels usualy run their own indexing sites, under their own chanel name. its nice becuase it alows you to connect to their fserves and bots without even going on irc sometimes, an example being RAMVIDEOS. a lot of times they will just have rapidshare links on their sites.

why do you want to use irc? its primative. if you are lookign for direct downloads all you need to know is make sure you use the free ox links. its not big but it gets bigger every day.
#5 is a good site too it indexes the diferent chanels on the diferent networks by size and name, you can usualy figure out whos got the good that way.
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