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Game could not be started (DADADADA)

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Ok, so I am trying to upgrade my 3.03 OE-A to 3.50 so I can downgrade and go to 3.40. There might be an easier way, but I'm new, so this is the route I'm going. So I created an UPDATE folder and put the EBOOT.PBP in it, then took it off USB mode, tried to load it up, and then in came the error:
The game could not be started (DADADADA)

I have a feeling that it's not really an error code from factory, probably something from the software that was used to upgrade it. Anyhow, if you can tell me how to bypass this to get upgraded, I would appreciate it.
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Well now that I'm doing some research I'm seeing that since I have a TA-082 mb I wont be able to upgrade that far. Is that true or did someone fix that little problem as well? Would I be able to upgrade it to at least 3.30??
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no thats not ur problem. DADADADA error is in all dark alex custom firmware to prevent upgrading to sony firmware by accident. if u wanna go back to 1.50 just download this
and put it in /PSP/GAME/ and run it from recovery mode.

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Your post is kinda confusing. Are you trying to go to 3.40OE? Because you can directly upgrade to it from 3.03oe-c.

If you want to upgrade to official firmware for whatever reason, you need to run Chilly Willy's keycleaner. Then you can upgrade to whatever firmware you want.

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#2: 1.00 -> 1.5 -> 3.03oe-c
#3: Ceramic white 1.5 -> 3.03oe-c -> 3.40oe
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Well, even with Chilly Willy's keycleaner, key 5 should stay corrupt if you are going to run custom firmware. To go back to official firmware, you can fix key 5, but if you do it while in 1.5fw, you will brick the PSP. Just be careful if you fix your idStorage when it comes to key 5. Leave it "patched", as KeyCleaner calls it, if you are going to continue to run custom firware or are going to stay on 1.5.

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