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I'm trying to crossflash as the user guid from is telling me to but every time it takes me to
then i click and it leads me to no where or i have to purchase something.
i would just like to know if this is something that can still be done or what do i need to do to update my driver? i have 25 blank dvd-r that i cannot use since they are not dvd-rw..really aggerivates the hell out of me. someone please point me in the right direction with simple answers (hopefully)
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i have 25 blank dvd-r that i cannot use since they are not dvd-rw..

Huh? Sorry, but that doesn't make sense to me.
Most of us here will suggest that you NOT use DVD-RW, because they are so unstable, and more expensive than DVD-R discs. Some folks will use an RW disc, just to test the burn they want to do. If it burns to an RW disc ok, then they'll burn the DVD-R disc, and erase the DVD-RW.

Your LiteOn should burn a DVD-R disc ok, unless there's a problem. If there's a problem, what kind of error are you getting?

ok after looking at my past burns i used dvd+r or dvd+rw and bought the dvd-r which thought would be the same but i as i dig into to this am realizing that i made an error in my purchases 3-times.
i may have found something on cd freaks to treat my drive as a 812s and should be able to update to the 832s.
If there is anything you might suggest would be greatly appreciated?
this is what i found from cdfreaks:
Re: Please can someone help to me with LITE-ON SOHW-822S?



Liteon SOHW-822S is the single format (DVD+R/+RW) version of the SOHW-832S. 832S, 822S and 812S are all based on the same hardware, but 822S has the DVD-R/-RW support disabled in firmware, compared to the 832S which is dual format.

While you can easily convert a 822S to a 832S using the codeguys omnipatched firmware supporting crossflashing, it is possible for you to encounter some DVD-R/-RW related issues with some of the software supporting DVD burning that were bundled with your Compaq PC.

I while ago I was helping a friend who had bought a Compaq PC possibly very similar to yours, and he ran into some problems specifically with DVD-R (but not with DVD+R). I then noticed that he has "upgraded" the 822S in his PC to 832S to enable -R/-RW support, and in checking the bundled software that can burn DVDs, I realized that they may be versions that do not necessarily support -R/-RW! I believe HP/Compaq has been shipping only DVD+R/RW only drives until very recently, so it is not surprising to find -R/RW support locked out (or buggy at least) in some of the bundled burning software.

Also, flashing the firmware of a drive included with a complete PC may void your PC warranty, though I'm not sure of the exact policy. PC manufacturers can say that the firmware upgrade alters the drive identity (no longer the same as the one shipped) which renders the warranty void. You need to be aware of this before you proceed with the firmware change...
still did not work
If it was me, I'd return the DVD-R discs, for a refund, and get DVD+R discs. My LiteOn 1633s burner, will burn -R and +R discs, but all I use now are +R, and booktype them to DVD Rom, to make them more compatible with players.
I don't know what else to tell you.
Good luck!

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