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How To Install GPSP (Gameboy Advance Emulator)

Note: All tutorials by my name are done by me and copyrighted by me thx all the applications i show are done by the creater.

10. GPSP Version 0.9 (gameboy advance emulator)

GPSP is a gameboy advance emulator it emulates and play gba roms (gameboy advance games) at full speed! it is a very handy emulator.

NOTE: also there is no need to download a gba_bios file as i have included it in the GPSP folder just put your games in and your good to go!

download here >>>


1. Download GPSP and open the folder.

2. Drag the GPSP and the GPSP% folders to your psp GAME folder.

3. Now download a rom (i cannot tell you where these are becuz this is illegal) and put it in the GPSP folder. (search on google for some roms i have only included 1 game for you to try. [games])

4. Once your satisfied with your games on your psp go to the game section and load up GPSP.

5. you will be at a main screen click X to go to the settings and make the display to 16:9 (fullscreen) then click back and go to load new game and just click start or O to play your desired game (first screen) (NOTE: game must be in .gba format to play)

6. Your all set to play gameboy advance on your psp!

Note: This tutorial is from my major tutorial guide im am making it more clean check it out here
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