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How To Install BOOKR (txt viewing application)

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Note: All tutorials by my name are done by me and copyrighted by me thx all the applications i show are done by the creater.

12. BOOKR (a txt viewer to view your documents on your psp)

BOOKR is an application that allows you to view your txt documents on your psp you can view ms word but u just to copy it to notepad and save it as a .txt file so enough of the info this is how u install it!.

Download here>>


1. Download BOOKR and open the file

2. go into the psp folder then the game folder and drag the __SCE__bookr and the __SCE__bookr% to your GAME folder.

3. Now you can put your .txt file anywhere in your memory stick as long as u noe how to access it i suggest you put it in your root but its your choice.

4. now go on your psp and load the BOOKR now when its loaded press O to load a file and search through your memory and press O again to read your docuement (in .txt format) and your all done! to change the font and size just click start and from the menu scroll to options and adjust the font the background color etc.

Note: This tutorial is from my major tutorial guide im am making it more clean check it out here ↓↓↓

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