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Copy of installed software from pc to laptop

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alvin33 Suspended due non-functional email address
I am wondering if it is possible to copy installed software in a pc to a laptop and will it work well in the laptop?
if yes, what are the conditions needed ?
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some you could just copy the progream folder from program files over to your laptop and they would work but i think the majority need certain registry keys or app data in documents and settings so would need to be reinstalled.


It's a good question but the answer is fairly predictable.

Any software that requires "installation" on a desktop PC will also require installation on a laptop. There is no magic way round this.

If all you do is copy the executable file from desktop to PC you will not be able to run the program on your laptop unless the same executable file also installs at the same time.


alvin33 Suspended due non-functional email address
thanks guys for the advice.
Does it really work for some program to be just copy over to another pc? Any quoted example?
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