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No ISO folder in my psp

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Hi, i have a 3.40 OE-A psp. And when i try to put my .cso "program" in my iso folder i cant....becouse i see no ISO folder. am i suppose to make an ISO folder?
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Format your memory stick and it should make one. And reset the psp to default too.
either that or u simply just creat a new folder named "ISO" (without quotation marks) and place your ISO in there. it should work. Make sure you make it in the ROOT of your memory stick

thx man that did the trick.....once again afterdawn rulesz!!!
ok i put the game inside the iso folder. but when i go to the memory on my psp. it says "there are no games".
does anyone know why its not working?
The ISO folder is supposed to be on the root of the memory stick/

thx guys, but it seems that something was wrong with the xxx.cso not the psp iso. i tried another game and boots up fine.:)
make sure it is .cso not .CSO
wow caps matter? cool ill try it out man, i really wanna play metal gear solid. its one of my favorite series
if I remember correctly, it does, especially for the file extension. It did make a difference for me on 3.40 OE-A with the game Fast and Furious (I think it was that game) I also just read somewhere that you need to have a game in the PSP/GAME, GAME150 OR GAME340 folder so that it recognizes the cso. I don't know if thats true though, if nothing works, reflash 3.40 OE-A or flash to 3.52 M33.
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