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HOW TO: Hotswap with XboxHDM v1.9 (Super Tutorial)

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HOW TO: Hotswap with XboxHDM v1.9

Just clarifying the situation. This is causing a lot of headaches so I'll make it as clear as possible...

This method will allow you to rebuild your Xbox HDD WITHOUT having your eeprom.

It can fix all software issues, including Error 16!

Ok, what do we need

* Xbox
* Torx 20 screwdriver
* CD Burner\Writer
* Xboxhdm v1.9
* Clean 5960 Dash files

All needed files can be found here...

Making the XboxHDM Disc

* Unpack Xboxhdm v1.9 to your HDD. It should look like this...

* Open the 'linux' Folder.
Download and insert the new Dash files (Link is above) into the 'C' folder.
Within the 'E' folder, make two new folders and call them 'TDATA' + 'UDATA'. Both these folders are empty.

Your folders should now look like this...

'linux' Folder

'C' Folder

'E' Folder

* If all is in place, navigate back to the original 'xboxhdm' folder and click on 'make-iso-win.bat'

* A DOS box will appear and make the 'linux.iso' file

* We now need to burn the 'linux.iso' file. We'll use Nero as our example.

*Open Nero and select 'CD' from the top right and then 'Burn Image To Disc'.

* Click the drop down menu for 'File Of Type' and select 'Image Files'. Our file will appear (assuming you are in the correct directory), select it and click 'Open'

* Burn the image as usual to CD.


* Shutdown your PC, unplug the computers HDDs, leaving only the CD-Rom connected. The CD-Rom should be on the 'Secondary cable' (The other cable).

* Power on the computer with the CD we created in the drive. If your BIOS is setup to boot from a CD, you should be greeted with this screen.

**NOTE** Should you have any issues with your HDD not being detected at a later stage, Turn off your PC, turn it back on and press the 'Pause|Break' key prior to the BIOS auto detecting HDDs. Perform the hotswap at this point, then continue the boot.

* Open your Xbox with the Torx Screwdrivers

HOW TO: Open your Xbox

* With the Xbox now open, unplug the Xboxs DVD drive IDE cable

* Power on the console and you should get an Error 12 on your screen

* Do not power the console off, unplug the Xbox HDD IDE cable and insert the one from the PC. Your Xbox HDD and your PC CD\DVD Drive should now be connected to your PC, nothing else.

* Wait a minute to allow the HDD to be recognised. DO NOT TURN OFF THE XBOX!

* Back at this screen...

* Press "1" and then Type 'xboxhd'

* We then want to press "1" again 'Build a new HD from scratch'

* Just keep typing yes...

* When it's finished, unplug the IDE cable from the PC and re-insert both Xbox cables (DVD & HDD)

* Power off Xbox

* That's it, you should now have a fully restored original Xbox.

Feel free to use my other guides to start modding again!!!


Please backup your eeprom, this will avoid further hassle in the future.
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Shouldn't you unplug the IDE cable when the xbox displays the white microsoft logo under the big X while the LED remains green and before the xbox displays the error screen, and not after?

We have found that inducing the 'Error 12' will unlock the Xbox and keep it unlocked. This solves many issues with regards to hotswapping as it takes out the guess work and allows better compatibility with software.

Both 'Explorer360' and 'XboxHDM v1.9' respond to this procedure with flying colours!

You have enlightened the hotswap procedure for me. Ive always done it this way, and come to think of it its very true because if the hard drive did not remain unlocked when the error screen was displayed, a hard drive error code would be displayed as well. We learn from others everyday thanks.
followed tutorial to the letter an still get error 16 have tried soft mods with xplorer360 an still getting error 16 just dont know wat to do looks like a chip is only way?
If you are getting an Error 16 constantly after a softmod attempt you will undoubtedly have a v1.6b Xbox! These machines are a pain in the ass!

Try and restore it back to a fully working stock console and I'll help you from there!

thanx for reply chunkyhead ive tried several times to restore back to stock using xboxhdm_v1.9 an clean dash downloaded from link all goes ok but still get error 16 have checked after with xplorer360 an it shows all files there but xbox still shows error 16 BUT I JUST PUT a back up copy of halo2 in and i get error 05 only does with halo2 as ive tried others that give 16 dont know if this means anything when halo 2 removed get error 16 again
i tryed that and it says my hdd is locked and i have the epprom so i think putting it in the epprom folder then burning it gain with a new iso will fix it it and does anyone now if i can copy my udata and tdata folders when my hdd is unlocked then replace the dashboard, will that fix my error 16 and put in the old udata and tdata folders or will that not work. the reason i get it is because i deleted my softmod files cuz i could not get it to uninstall stupid me :0
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My computer isnt booting to the cd. It keeps saying "F1 to retry reboot or F2 for setup". Ive already gone into setup and have changed the bios and everything else but still wont let me.
And my computers primary drive is a SATA.
Is that a problem at all?

Email me if you need to know more about my computer
*email removed*
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The Xbox HDD is an IDE connection, you'll need a different PC.

DUDE you saved my xbox man thank you so much. this is the only tutorial that i could understand all the other ones are just crap thanks man.

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I have 3 ide connections on my motherboard. one ide cable is split for my 2 cd/dvd drives. another one is for the disk drive than theres an empty one. can i not use the empty one and just buy an ide cable to use with my xbox.
Why would you buy another cable!?

The hotswap process is a temporary thing.

Basically you'll find you PC motherboard will look like this, with the IDE cables going off to where the picture suggests...

What you do then is, unplug the IDE cable from the HDD of the PC (While the computer is off) and plug it into the Xbox HDD...

Octopudd Suspended due non-functional email address
But my HDD is a SATA.
And if i start up the computer with one cd drive in and the other stuff (SATA Drive, DVD Drive, Disk Drive) unplugged it keeps saying "Press F1 to retry or Press F2 for Setup" and thats when I'm booting to CD.

Not the perfect picture.
But here.

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Press F2, go into the setup and set the IDE's to 'Auto'

Questions: I have an old pc with Windows 98 on it and just has a cd reader and a floppy drive. I don't want to use my new pc to try to hotswap and i was wondering could i use the old pc if i burn everything to a disk and put it on the old pc?

Beautiful news. Thanx!
Question. Im using the newest Nero(7. something. I pushed the iso-win-bat and it made a linux. iso image file. i just need to burn now right? Also on my previous question: I just need to to burn everything in the xboxhdm file to disk and load them on the old pc with the iso disk? Sorry, my noobism is oozing out.
Yeah, you need to burn the image now. The new Nero will look something like this...

I was reading a tut in xboxscene(the art of hotswapping)that says that u can/should backup your /C using XBROWSER. Should i and can u tell me how? that tut is saying stuff that yours doesn't.
Originally posted by blaqout:
I was reading a tut in xboxscene(the art of hotswapping)that says that u can/should backup your /C using XBROWSER. Should i and can u tell me how? that tut is saying stuff that yours doesn't.Also it says that after the xboxhdm is installed, the pc shuts off. Im asking this becuz your tut doesn't tell when you can unhook the pc ide and turn it off. No disrespect but i don't want to blow my pc up even though its old.
Q) You can/should backup your /C using XBROWSER. True?

A) Not really. You can easily download a clean copy of the C:\ files (Link provided)

Q) After the xboxhdm is installed, the pc shuts off!?

A) Unless your PC is a mind reader it can't turn itself off. Also, XboxHDM doesn't install, it's merely the vehicle that allows us to prepare and reformat the drive.

Basically, once you get to the end of the XboxHDM preparation, you can shut down the PC yourself, just not the Xbox.

Q) I don't want to blow my pc up!

A) Unless you fall over the PC, spill a drink into it or start poking it with a screwdriver, the chances of doing any damage to the PC are minuscule at best. Maybe 1\500...


I am trying to do a hotswap following the tutorial. When I get to the part where you type in xboxhd and hit enter, I get a mssg saying "No disk drive found on /dev/hda (Primary Master)!"

I have 1 cable from the motherboard to my cd drive, and another from the motherboard to the hard drive on the xbox.

Does anybody know why it can't find the xbox hd?

You've definitely done the first part of the tutorial correct? The Xbox HDD is being powered from the Xbox and you have an Error 12 on your screen!?

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