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need to convert photos to smaller size

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ok, so the place i was at i took 236 pictures (i know i take a lot but thats how i role). Anyways, my camera got full really quickly, i have a 1 gig card so this many pics couldnt of filled it. Anyways, i checked at home today and i realized y it got full quickly, my settings were changed (probably by me and by mistake) so that the pictures were way too big. They take up about 2.74 MB each, thats huge. Anywas, i was hoping u could suggest a program for me to upload all the pictures in and it would convert them all to a smaller size.
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In order to resize the images, you will need a program to edit the photos, and there are plenty of free ones out there : is a free one and pretty easy to use.

Next time when you plan on taking pictures, just change the resolution size and then you will be able to take more pictures, but sometimes the quality won't be as good.

Something else to ponder , would be to pick up another 1 gig card as they arent very expensive these days.
I had more but i was afraid to carry it because its so small i could lose it. And thx for the help.
I can't seem to change the size of multiple pictures with that program. Can u explain how i can do that?
its been a while since I have used the program, but the option for saving a picture would be the same as PhotoShop that I currently use.

When looking at your pictures, go to File and find " save as " and give it a small " r " after the picture number for resize or what ever letter you want to use, and then the program might ask you what quality you want to save it as ( how big ) and just make it smaller. You will still have the original photo, but now you will have a smaller size of it which is good for sending in emails.
will that work for a mass amnt or will i have to do it one by one?
you have to do one at a time.
its over 200 pictures, i really don't want to do it one at a time. Is there a program that can convert a mass amount of pics at once?
dont believe so.

Pick the best ones and edit those and mess with the other ones when you have time.
actually, i was messin with the program that u suggested for me and there was a way for me to mass convert. It worked, thx for suggesting it.
glad I was able to help on this.
I have a program that is free and it will take your whole card and either copy or move your pictures straight from your card reader into a folder of your choice and you can resize them to what ever size you want!

find it here: Image Resizer
it's easy and does it all in a few steps...... ready for what ever quality settings you want! I love it!
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