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how to burn more than one movie to DVD?

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Hi can anyone help please...i recently got a DVD off someone and it had 2 movies on it (4.7gb). What do I have to download to do this as I download lots of movies and it would be very helpful if I could do it !!!
Thanks, Paula
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The movies have to be ripped to a DVD folder.

Download DVD Shrink:
Run and click 'Re-author'
Use the browser on the right side to locate the first movie, open it and drag 'Title 1' from right to left.
Repeat for next folder.
Click 'Backup'.

Many thanks for the reply - I have downloaded DVD shrink but when I try to move a movie over, I open the folder and nothing is listed to move over. The whole folder wont move over either. Do I have to rip the movies first? If so how !!! Sorry new at this...thanks, Paula
Use DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip movies to DVD folders on the hard disk.
Run program, insert disk, select 'Main Movie' or 'Full Disk'

Use DVD Shrink to fit the movie to a standard DVD-5.

Use 'Reauthor' to fit more than one movie on the disk.

If you download and install 'DVD Decrypter', then the disk can be burned from within Shrink.

DVD Decrypter

Optionally, if Nero is installed on the PC, it can be called from Shrink to burn the disk.
thanks again for that. I have downloaded DVDFAB but still cant get anywhere. I have Nero which I use to put downloaded movies onto DVD either in data on a rewriteable or on normal DVD to keep. I just want to know how I can put more than one downloaded movie onto a single DVD. The movies I download already say dvdrip - which, I presume means they have already been ripped - but I can only fit one movie onto a DVD. I have had a copy from a friend which had 2 films on it and it was only 4.7 gb. Sorry to be a pain but I need how to do this in plain English !!! Many thanks, Paula
The movies I download already say dvdrip
Which format are these movies that you wish to put on the DVD?
AVI (dvdrip)
They have to be converted to DVD format, either with Nero or some other software..
Run Nero StartSmart (or Nero Vision 4), elect to make a DVD Video, add the AVI files.
Nero will tell you when the disk is full.
You shouldn't put more than 3-4 hours of running time on a DVD-5;AVI files are compressed and of lesser quality than the original DVD that they came from.
Burn at 4x on Verbatim media.
Good luck.
Hi again
I have burned lots of DVD's off using Nero Start Smart, but only manage to fit one movie onto a DVD ( DVD+R 4.7 GB ). As I said earlier, I borrowed a DVD off a friend and he puts 2 movies onto same size DVD disc as the one's I use - which makes the running time around 4 hours so obviously the movies are compressed in some way - this is what I want to know how to do.
Sorry for being a pain
In Nero, you can set the DVD size to 'DVD-9' (lower right of the window, output to a folder on the hard drive, load the folder into DVD Shrink and compress to fit a DVD-5 (4400MB), then let DVD Shrink burn the output with Nero.
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you could also run nero startsmart( nero recode) and put the two clips in there and then follow the steps thru ( I've gotten 8 episodes of father ted on one dvd which is about 4 hrs worth of belly aching laughter)
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