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ilo DVDR04 replacement drive

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I have a ilo DVDR04 I bought a few years ago from walmart. I have n't got any service out of the unit. After discovering this forum and reading the success others got, I decided to repair the unit. What I wanted to know which dvd drive that is available today I could use to replace the original dvd drive in the DVDR04? I also want to the order to install the hacks for my modal.

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Dpendant on your problem, you might not need to replace your drive, might just need a slight adjustment or a good cleaning, what exactly are the symptoms of the drive?

For the hack, go to this site and read carefully, easy to do,

good luck.

try this link instead and go to the ro4 section,

I was able to do one recording with the ilo DVDR04 then it would not allow me to do any more recording after that. I keep getting errors such as no disk and I tried differnt recommended disks. I have tried the firmware update at ilo web site, that did not work. I read about others who were experiencing similar problems swoping the drive with one that is compatable with the ilo unit and works very well.Unfortunately those drive are not availabe or can't find them.I will try your suggestion CC let you know what happens.

This one works,, all functional, burns, transfers, just fits, fast forward etc. A great replacement, actually a LiTeon clone (165 PS with fast-forward working !!!)
check the Sony DRU 120 C, also any Sony 120s (GWA, QWA) these are OEM of the DRU 120 C.
Thanks CC.
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