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How do I properly hide my IP address for torrent downloading?

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I know there may already be a thread about this. There is a lot to search through. I have looked, but like a definitive answer to MY problem. I use torrent programs such as uTorrent and over the past month or so have twice been flagged and received e-mails from my ISP stating that I've been tracked to an illegal download. How can I hide my IP address so that my ISP or any other "agency" or whatnot can know what I'm doing. Assumming that what I'm doing is in fact legal, please any help would be appreciated.
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What you need is a program like Peerguardian2...go here for the AfterDawn link...

Install and run peer Guardian 2, and set your OBFUSCATION. Read this thread by rav009.

Much obliged. I did read about peergaurdian2, but wanted to be sure. Thanks a lot.
err exactly how would using PG2 hide his IP?

All it does it block connections to a list of IP addresses. Some of those might be connected to the people you wish to avoid. But seeing as those people are quite aware of PG2 and are capable of getting new IPs whenever they like, it's usefulness could be extremely limited. They are paying computer professionals to collect evidence. Does anyone really believe they haven't worked out how to get past blacklists?
try geting in a site that has a private tracker, but those kind of sites don't like you hideing your address,
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