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PSP Error Code: 80410414

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ansfarid Suspended account
My psp console keeps telling me that there is a dns error with this number 80410414
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What are you trying to do when this pops up and what firmware are you on?

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Here's a list of things that have helped other people:

Restore Default Settings in the System Settings menu... then add [your] connections again
The problem with your PSP could simply be down to an incorrect URL. Try the link to the PSP website via the bookmarks link (The heart) in the PSP's browser.

As for your PC, check to make sure it's automatically detecting IP and DNS settings. You can do this in (WinXP steps) Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Wireless Network Connection (Right click) -> Properties...

In the properties box, scroll down the items in the white box in the middle for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". Select it and choose Properties, then make sure both automatically detect... radio buttons are highlighted.
If these don't work, let us know what modem/router you are using, and we can help further.

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