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I can't watch the burned DVD on my player

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I have burned my DVD and can watch it on the computer, but I can't watch it on any of my DVD players. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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A number of reasons, from the DVD players don't like the type of disk (DVD-R or DVD+R as examples) or the disk was burned as PAL when it should be NTSC (or vice versa).
I just tried it on my daughters Panasonic DVD/VCR player and it works, but not on my other non Panasonic players. How can I tell if it was burned as PAL or NTSC? How can I change it? I'm getting a different brand of DVD's today and will try them tonite.
Some standalone DVD players can play both PAL and NTSC disks - but not all.

One way to test the file is to run 'GSpot'.

If you saved the files to a folder on the hard drive, open the 'VIDEO_TS' folder and drag the file 'VTS_01_1.VOB' onto the GSpot window

Or drag the same file from the same folder on the DVD.

This example shows that the file is NTSC (North America/Japan);PAL is used in the rest of the world

OK I did the gspot and it looks like its NTSC. How do I change it to PAL to see if my dvd player will like it?
How do I change it to PAL to see if my dvd player will like it?
Just to be clear, the only reason to change from NTSC to PAL is if the country you are in uses the PAL standard - is this the case?
I'm in Georgia, so what else can I try to see if it will work on my other players? Maybe a different brand of DVD's?
Check your DVD player manual and find out if it accepts the type of disk that you burned.
Some players will list both DVD-R and DVD+R as acceptable.
If you are satisfied that the disk is the correct type, try some 'Verbatim' brand and burn the disk at a moderate (4x) speed.

As a side note, some players are more tolerant than others and will play disks that have a small amount of error burned in.
If you use Nero, you can scan the disk using the Nero tool "Nero CD-DVD Speed" and it will show if your disk is perfect or has some errors.

This tool is also available as a download:
Run the tool and select 'Scan Disc'.

It sounds like you are doing everything right.
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