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Best FTA box for the money

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I am looking at buying a FTA box. Are there any web sites that are reliable and not a scam? Also, I know it's based on opinions, but what is the best and easiest FTA box to buy.

I have seen some sites that offer up to 6 months support. Is this neccesary?

Is the FTA box all I will need? I currently have a 18" dish from my satellite subscriber.
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Is it a cable fta box you are looking for ?
The ones that dont need a dish, ie eurovox etc...

I was wanting to get a satelite box. I was thinking of the viewsat ultra since people are saying from this site that you don't have to unhook and connect to a computer. You can update from a USB card. Any good sites to purchase from? Is this the best and eastiest box? Also will my current DTV dish work?
I dont know much anout those kind of receivers, only cable boxes.
but maybe ask here

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does anyone know of any goods boxes and sites to buy them on?
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