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Folder2Iso trouble

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hi have been trying to use the software to create iso's but it just keeps packing everything into .rar files. i followed the guide on this site but again i just ended up with another .rar. can anyone help me please?
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Um, I know this may seem stupid, but have you actually made sure that the Rar Files your seeing are, infact .rar files? Because WinRar can open up ISOs, so it will have the same icon as a Rar file...

You can check this by going opening the folder then selecting Tools from the menu at the top. Next you'll want to open "Folder Options" and then open the "View Tab". Now scroll down untill you see a box with a checkmark next to it reading "Hide extensions for known file types." Then do the whole apply, okay, thing. You should see that your supposed Rar file is, in fact an ISO.

Let me know either way.

Yeah your right mate just me being thick!
Hey, it happens to the best of us.

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