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Examining this site, I saw you always use Subtitle Workshop, Subtitle Magic and other special programs. Now, I’ll show you how to make subtitle with program that you must already have: NOTEPAD. “Is this guy nuts? Making subtitles with Notepad!?”, you are thinking. Maybe I’m a Newbie, but I know a lot about making subtitles. To make subtitles you’ll also need BS PLAYER PRO and MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC . Now, let’s start!

1. First, choose a folder (or open a new one) where you’ll make subtitles. You don’t need much space. Just size of the movie plus 50-60 Kb. Now, move your movie in that folder, and than right-click in free space. Choose NEW --> TEXT DOCUMENT. Rename file, so that movie that you’re making subtitle for has the exactly same name.

Now open that text document (I’ll cal it SUBTITLE) and the movie that you are making the subtitle for (I’ll call it MOVIE) from BS PLAYER PRO. Change “time showing” to the frames. Now, write you subtitle. “How?”, you’re asking. Well, simple! If the voice that you want to write in your subtitle begins at the 123rd frame, and finishes at 198th frame, and the voice that you want to write in the subtitle is “IT’S EASY TO MAKE SUBTITLES”, write like this:

{123}{198}It’s easy to make subtitles

Isn’t it easy?

3. You can make text to:
a) Change style (bold, italic and underline)
b) Change color
c) Change font
d) Change size

To change style, type {y:i} (italic), {y:b} (bold) and {y:u} (underline)

To change color, type {c:$ffffff} (this code is for white or black color, I don’t know). You need to know which code is which code. Color contains numbers and Fs. Don’t foregot to type $ before any code.

To change font, type {f:Arial}. Each font must be typed the same as the real name.

To change size, type {s:12}.

When yopu finish making your subtitle, play it with Media Player Classic for better view of subtitles, because Bs Player PRO can't show letters as Ž, Š, Đ, Č, Ć.


Even I don’t know everything about subtitles. Please, reply my threads.

If you want to ask something, reply this thread.
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