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how to play downloaded ps2 roms of torrent on pcsx.2 emulator?

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you can go to a torrent site and download games iniso or nitsc files but there all in 1 big file and you can just play it by opening the rom from the psx roms file.... ight thats koo and the game plays.

naw hears my problem with ps2. i got the ps2 emulator to work perfectly got the bios plugins and everything. then i try'd to play a game ont he emulator and it worked. it was a lil phuzzy and slow but it was working pretty good and i can play the game. so thats cool.

but naw i wanna play downloaded ps2 roms. i go to this site its 1 of my personal favorite sites to go to to download roms,

well i downloaded manhunt2 n iso format. and it was wierd in the manhunt 2 folder. it had 2 folders with wierd names and a bunch of files. and thats about it i couldnt load a rom from the folder on the ps2 emulator becuas eit wouldnt reappear in the folder.

then i downloaded some outher games. marvel vs capcom 2 in so and ntsc format. and it had the same problem 2 foldrs in the main folder witha bunch of little files that cant be opend but no rom that could be loaded on the pcxs.2 emulator.

is there any outher tipe of file i shood download like the game in a dif kinda file format.. ill i gotta say if forget mdf files i hate them ever since i played psx i never figured out how to use thhos game formats f. mdf haha. anyways....

i tried to read up on how can i play thease real cool ps2 games im downloading of torrents so i can play them on the pcsx.2 but all im finding is burning the game on a dvd rom blank cd. i have plenty of blank dvds. and i got nero burner and alchol 120% but i wouldnt no how to burn the games on the dvd in iso file. like i go to nero and il press burn immage and then the files in the mavel vs capcom folder wouldnt show up.

and then whats really wierd is il try it on data burning it in udf/dvd/ iso/ format... and the folders stillw ont show up in the folder.

can some 1 please help me or tell me what to do to play thease games there just wierd files in 2 folders and a lot of the files are tiny kb files. and 3 or 4 are mb's but big. so i would highly appreshiate anyones help who knows what to do becuase i am stuck i wanna play donnloaded ps2 games on the pcsx.2 emulator but the files not showing up when i try to load it and its just 2 wierd foldeers fielded with tiny files.

i wish ps2 downloaded games could be like psx downladed games in iso format and ntsc. and bin. and cue. there all in 1 big file and i can just upload the games in file on psx and play them eazily with no problem

is there a way os2 can do that 2?

i mean i have no problem burning the file on a dvd rom i ahve good sont dvd roms and nero disk burner its just do i do it in data. i really need help on this.

i also noticed people were trying to play the game son ps2 with modle chips. im not trying to do that at all becuase my ps2 donthave a model chip, i can play my ps2 games on the emulator just fine. but how cum ic ant play the games int he emulator?

thats all id like to no if any 1 gots any anser can you please lay it al down for me.

ima try some outher things. ok thank you and have a grate day.[/b]

nickwardo. i need help with ps2 emulator thanks peace my fellow nickwardos
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ok so heres my deal im trying to get an emulator to work on my computer for hte ps2, i got a few different ones, i got pcsx2_0.9.4 and configured it wiht the bios but it says " supporet pixel shader version is too low! supported: 1.4 selected: 2.0" if i change the graphics settings it says erro loading( file name) then i ckick ok and it says error loafin cdvd plugin

so i tryed a second emulater called nsx2- 0.8.1 and when i try to load it i get this screen


if the image dont show here is the site


what im trying to do is run hd loader thoguh the emulater sense my ps2 wont play burned disks due to lack of mod chip, and i dont have the moeny ro ambition to buy a real copy or mod chip or drive, not to mention m tryign to do this for free hence why im using a hardrive ( or one of the 7 i have) that i already own instead of buying a real ps2 drive. i checked the compatabilit, some are suposidly compatable, others are nto and the rest are unkown compatability, ive tryed using winhiip and other methods but nothign has workd

so i came up wiht the idea of using an emulator to run hd advanced to format a drive with my comp. but like i siad i get that messed up screen

any one have any ideas? I just want it for socom maps!... so lame
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