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will someone PLEASE help me set up mame for wins

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hi can anyone please help me set up mame for windown i have downloaded it from mame site but when i try run it is tells me no games found please check rompath for mame ini file ... then it says if i have,nt used mame b4 to check how to configure mame to my PC i have,nt got a clue how to do this i,m a complete novice on PC,S
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Get rid of the version you are running and Use This Version Of MAME


When Installed simply put your ROMS in the c:/programfiles/MAME32/ROMS or what ever directory you are using, Close MAME and always restart after adding roms to this folder. Your directory should be set to your roms folder by default, But by chance it ain't click OPTIONS then DIRECTORIES from the tool bar and the window should pop up saying ROMS hit The BROWSE button and find your ROM folder then hit OK

When you start up the MAME32 Program To the left of the MAME window click on the AVAILABLE TAB from the list and it should show you your games you have DOWNLOADED taking away all the ones you don't.***YOU DO KNOW YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAMES*** lol just makin sure

If ya still don't see your games, Go to FILE from the tool bar, And you should see an option to AUDIT ALL GAMES click this and your games should appear in the available TAB.

Let us know...
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