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How to install mameox onto xbox??????

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Hi Guys i am fairly new to all this and would like a lil help as to how to install mameox onto my xbox. I have a copy of mameox and tried to ftp to my xbox and it worked fine except for the folder libsmb++ which it would not allow to transfer to my xbox????? I have read a few forums but still clear as mud to me LOL!!!! So if anyone can break it all down for me or if there is a guide with step by step instructions it would be greatly appreciated Cheers Cam....
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Create a folder name it "Emulators" and transfer the extracted contents into that folder. If you are having trouble transferring certain files, just transfer the compressed achieve into the xbox and extract the contents by using a dashboard that can extract from compressed achieves, like UnleashX or XBMC.
Thanks locobrown.. I have tried transferring the files into the emulators folder on the xbox and that's where i ran into trouble with being unable to copy the folder into it... I will try transfering the the compressed archive straight onto the xbox and use xbmc to extract it to the emulator folder... hopefully that should work i will keep you posted!!! thanks again.
i transfered the file to xbox but when i open up media center it does not show the zip file on the hard drive under the programs folder on the xbox??
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XBMC can't unpack archives. UnleashX can handle rar's but still won't extract them. There is a tool for this, but I can't remember it's name.

If ftp is failing on certain files it's usually because of the file name being either too long, or having illegal characters in it.

mameox is included on a few installers. That's probably the easiest way to install it. Honestly though.. very few mame games run well.. There isn't enough ram really.

It does extract files from compressed files. I do it all the time. To extract using XBMC or any other dashboard you must use filemanager. Navigate to where you placed the archive. Open the file, once it has been open, high light all the files. On the second window choose the destination to where you want the files extracted to. Then “copy” the highlighted files and it will extract its contents.
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Mine are old, so they don't.. and I only ever use evox as a main dash..not really the issue anyway.. lets carry on.. the problem with illegal characters/long filenames still exists. Lots of roms have illegal characters/spaces in the names. It is always worth checking this issue if ftp and unpacking fails.
Also check out the actual layout of the emu. the default.xbe should be in the root directory of the mame folder, with maybe a config file and some others and a few other folders.. one called games or roms possibly.. Does your mame folder contain a "." in it's name? If so rename it to just mame or something.. even if you can launch it with the default.xbe from the wrongly named folder (illegal character issue) the rest of the paths will be broken.

While we are on the subject.. does anybody know where there is a list of games known to work on mameox on the xbox?
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Extract Files From Dashboard

On the first windowpane, find the file on the xbox hdd.
On the second window choose any destination or open the Emulator folder.

Open the file press A, it will display the contents.

Copy. The copy function will be inactive if in the second windowpane you have not chosen a distination.

Contents have been extracted.

Any dashboard that has a filemanager will extract from rar and zip files. Just make sure you have a destination on either window to where to extract to.
There are over 2,000+ games that mamedox emulates. Most are from '70-'93 anything above 1993 FBA emulates the newer rom sets. Most of them don't work but do on PC emulator.
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Did find that mameox only supports roms that are in zip format.. not rar. (see above link) which isn't obvious from the documentation.

the mameox I just d/lded after unpacking the archive the emulator was in a folder inside a folder inside a folder.. all with a "." in the name.. Check the directory path limit.

I only showed how to extract from zip and rar. Yes, most emulators only support games in zip format, xbox emulators only in zip. Files are packed and then extracted within the xbox if files has long file names because upon trying to ftp an error you’ll receive. You are correct but im not questioning the capability of mamedox but just showing that you can in fact extract within a dashboard.
Well after hours of playing round i worked out what you had posted locobrown and found file manager and used that to unpack mame onto xbox and after some alterations to drive letters etc got it up and running fine!!! So yeah and thanks for your input too deadlove as also i found that those files that wernt copying were due to illegal characters and with file names being toooooooooo long yeah that was an issue with some music files i ftp across.... So thank you both for your input was greatly appreciated Cheers guys!!!!!
Oh and deadlove your question about getting rom's i think you will find it hard to get most of them now due to copyright etc but from memory i think there are only a couple of sites that allow you to download them.. I ended up purchasing a dvd disk (19 in total a set) for around $50 from and had every arcade game that was made on there... Saved alot of hassle trying to download and chasing them up..
Hope that helps??
Your welcome. Hope to see you more often in the forums!
I just have one more question can you upgrade your memory on the xbox or is it just what comes with it????? As i would like to install the mame roms from 93 onwards... Cheers
FBA-XXX and FBA-XXX Pro emulates the newer rom sets perfectly and it emulates at 60 frames per second. Mamedox is memory hungry and crashes upon loading. These emulators are found in the AID 4.01 and 4.10. You can also do a google search if you want to download them individually.
You can upgrade the amount of RAM but its a bit more complicated than a pull insert chip. The xbox has them soldered onto the mainboard. Upgrading by no means will the xbox surpass the allotted memory of 64MB. The purpose of upgrading is if you are going to use Lunix. Almost all homebrew have the 64MB flag and xbox games do as well. There is no point in doing so, such operation has a hefty price tag.
The one thing you can upgrade with virtually no effort is your hard drive. Hard drives being so cheap these days that you can buy according to your financial budget. You can use your computer’s hard drive if its fairly new but its not recommended if its older than your xbox.
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