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XDVD Mulleter Beta 10.1.

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cearel Suspended due non-functional email address
Wasnt sure if this should be posted in the mulleter tut but i though not because thats not my tut but here is the newest version i use it all the time and for ppl that back up games im sure they do as well here it the dl link

if you need any help or have questions on its use just let me know
enjoy :D

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ill add it to my tut

Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz 1.4V//Maximus Formula (RF 0902)//2x2GB DDR2 800//8500GT (backup until 5870 comes out)//Corsair 650TX//Under water (30c Idle 50c Load) -------> XDVD Mulleter Tut
cearel Suspended due non-functional email address
cool glad to help add to it just didnt want to post it there if you didnt want it

Toon_Army Suspended due non-functional email address
hi bud i download Mulleter10.1 but when i click on the Applicator and i keep getting a message THE APPLICATION FAILAD TO INITIALIZE PROPELY (0xc0000135)CLICK ON OK TO TERMINATE THE you know what i can do to sort this out please cos its doing my head thanks inadvance m8
There is actually a 10.2 version.It's always easier to download direct

from the mulleter site.

Also has all the latest stealth patches etc.
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