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xbox live connection failure

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I can't connect to xbox live.
I test the connection but it fails when it goes to 'XBOXLIVE test'. It passes all the others, DNS, MTU etc, but just fails the XBOXLIVE test. Once I get to XBOXLIVE test it tells me I need to download an update so I agree and select download. Then it just errors out and says can't downloard update, please check your connection.
What should I do????

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em i had this problem, i had to do something to the hard drive,you had to do the same thing with the halo 3 beta. I cant remember what buttons exactally, but you go to the system blade then select memory and whilst the hard drive is highlighted u press buttons, cant remember which ones, and it will delete recently downloaded data, and then do the update and should work, although u may need to download some game maps and stuff again.

hope this helps, maybe someone knows what the buttons are from this post
are you trying to explain about clearing the cache?

Thats what I thought, that or an old NES 99 lives code. To clear the cache do the following:

Go to the Xbox Dashboard, select the System Blade, and select Memory.
Highlight the HD symbol and press Y.
Press X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, X.
You will see a confirmation message to confirm system maintenance, proceed.

This may help.

I wasn't playing any games, i just turned on my box and tested xbox live and kept getting this error.
So you think clearing the cache will help me?
Any other suggestions in case this doesn't work?
I would give it a try and the try to redownload the update. It sounds like it did a partial update or started it then it got corrupted, I believe clearing the cache will clear out whatever was wrong with the intial update so when it is restarted it will be fresh and be able to complete.

some questions:
1. Have you ever been able to connect this console to XBL before?
2. Have you tried forwarding the ports for Xbox Live on your modem/firewall/router? (can be found at
3.i suppose you have an XBL account and the console was not bought used. If it was used are you sure it was not already banned?
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The update message wouldn't come up if he was banned would it? I thought since he was getting all the way to the update and then it was failing thats where the problem would lie.

I have never been on XBlive, and I'll try forwarding the ports, although I'm not sure how to do this, nor do I understand why it's needed. Could you explain please. Also, I do not have an xbox live account yet, I just have a profile you create when you first turn on the system. I assumed I'd get the account after attempting to test my connection. I didn't want to pay for service I could get to work.
I'll try emptying the cache first, then I'll try the forwarding of ports. Any other ideas?
How long have you ahd the system for? Did you buy it new or used?

all the xbox consoles i know should have come with a XBL Silver membership which would allow you do do the updates and buy things off of XBL marketplace. But i would think that you would still have to set that account up on your system. I know i bought a premium system and got one month of XBL Gold and i am pretty sure i had to enter some info on the 360.

Forwarding ports is needed for some routers/firewalls or modems in order to let your 360 connect to Xbox Live and it's games.

and it does look like you need to enter account information into your 360 for it to work, see below.

1. This test verifies that your console can contact Xbox Live. If your console does not pass this test, try the IP Confirmed, DNS Verified, MTU and ICMP tests. A failure on any one of these tests will prevent you from signing in to Xbox Live.
2. If your console passes these tests and you still cannot sign in to Xbox Live, verify that your account information is accurate and up to date. 3. If you have tried these steps and your console still does not pass this test, call Xbox Customer Support or visit the following Xbox Web site:

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I got it used(I guess) from a friend who never used it. I mean never. When I first turned it on it had no data on it, no profiles, nothing. Controllers, cords, weren't even unwrapped or opened.

I passed all the test until I get to the actual "xbox live" test. It's the last test on the "test connection" checklist. When I get here it says it needs to update , so I click update and then it errors out,(or can't connect) and says pleease go back and test connection. So it sends me back in a circle.
If you have no account shouldn't you try logging in through the create an account option? How are you attemtping to login? Follow Steimy's post, you have to go step by step and see where the process is failing.

I agree and I'll do that, but I should be able to test connection without having an actual account.
Thanks everyone!!!
well by that response it sounds like you got it. But please post the solution so that others that may have the same problem can get the answer.

No, I haven't go it yet, I was just saying thanks for the help.
I'll try everything this weekend and let everyone know.
No, I haven't go it yet, I was just saying thanks for the help.
I'll try everything this weekend and let everyone know.
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