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winfast tv 2000 xp - cant capture vhs but live tv works fine

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i have the winfast tv 2000 xp deluxe and want to record from vhs. unfort, my vcr and vid cam are both somewhat ancient. they dont have any s-video output--only rca jacks.

the card installed and plays live tv just fine. but when i click the Input Source button i cant seem to get it to use my vid cam as the input.

i used the s-video splitter cable that came with the product. i plugged the video out from my vid cam to the rca jack and left the s-video input empty.

is this possible?
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Hello, your problem sounds pretty serious but maybe you could check again on what have you selected for your video input source? I do have a Leadtek WinFast TV 2000 XP Deluxe and thought buying one which apparently yours have pretty good feedback. Well, if you don't mind please check the number on the chip to comfirm whether is yours a 10 bit decoder because I'm comparing yours and the WinFast TV 2000 XP Expert. Note: Fusion 878A = 8 bit, CX23880, CX23881 = 10 bit
Hello guys, Just for your info that Leadtek has only 1 card that is 10 bit decoder and that is the WinFast TV2000 XP Expert. I bought it yesterday and the performance is really superb but the only inconvenience is the downloading of latest driver and PVC software inorder to work perfectly because I heard that the supplied CD software has quite afew problems. Anyway, I did not use the CD at all so I'm not too sure. I tried video input using the supply cable with only RCA attached and S-video empty and the video recorded was great and almost the same as source.
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problem solved. whew.

apparently the install didnt go as smooth as i orig thought. while it gave no error after the install (i actually followed the directions for once) my device mgr showed 2 devices weren't functioning properly (i assume they were the winfast vid cap and audio cap inputs?).

i downloaded the latest hardware drivers and software update. when i ran the install, i got some wierd error message, but after a reboot, i was able to set the input to something other than the cable feed.

at first i couldnt capture sound, but upon examining my sound settings, i noticed i didnt have 'Line In' selected as my Recording input (note that stoopid win2k uses checkboxes where they should have used radio buttons, which threw me as i am a programmer who has designed/prog many a gui).

fwiw, leadtek official tech support never answered my email regarding this issue.
sry about the late reply.

looks like its the 8 bit. i didnt want to take my puter apart, but i can see the words connextant and fusion on it. i bought it at newegg for just under $50.

is the 10 bit better? if so, in what ways?
I am looking for a card to capture VHS to make DVDs. I get the impression that outside of the included software that everyone is happy with the card. Is that right? What editing software does it come with. Will it work with Premiere?
Hello guys, attached is a link that give a pretty detail review of the difference of the new 10 bit card and the software that comes with it.
doh. i'm a bit bummed now. seems like that card could do what i orig wanted (tv tuner plus a way to convert my vhs to dvd) bu has better pic/audio quality. mind if i ask how much you paid and where you got it?
I recently bought the Leadtek TV2000-XP Expert card expecting problems with Stereo sound and poor quality video but it has surpassed my expectations.

The TV quality is excellent even with my old UHF only arial. The record software is perfect and does what you expect it to.

The only difficulty was with the interface (a little childish) but the software is stable and does what you expect it to.

I could not even imaging buying a better card.

Yo Sigpop, I paid SGD$109/- which probably approx. USD$63/-. Go to and look under which country and distributor or retailer available.

Hello FearTec, May I know whether do you have the Mpeg4 shortcut by default? Reason is that I don't have it and Leadtek Taiwan told me that the codec use is "Microsoft Mpeg-4 video codec V2" but I stuck on what "audio codec" and "input resolution" to use. By the way I had wrote to Leadtek Taiwan again and probably will hear from them in a day or two. Oh yeah! for those guys out there which have problems in getting Leadtek support, use the inquiry icon that will get speedy reply and not the contact "" which will never get a reply.
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I purchased the Leadtek TV2000-XP Expert and installed the latest drivers from the net only. The software works great, TV quality is excellent and there are no known bugs yet.

The Expert card is well worth the $110 AUS I paid for it.

The only problem I am having is with faint diagonal lines (waves) across the PC TV image and on the TV when they share the same RCA video cable from the Cable box's output.

I suspect this is an earth problem or interferance from my switch box with (DVD/TV/VHS/N64/Stereo/PC TV cables).

But the card is perfect.
Yo FearTec, Please check in your PVR, Configeration, capture format profile and see if you have the Mpeg-4 icon there? If yes, please select Mpeg-4, click on capture profile settings than advise me what is the video codec, audio codec and input resolution. Many Thanks.....

*forgive the dual posts, proxy server update problem on my end*

I did not have a MPEG 4 by default, I still cant find a MPEG 4 option. I am using the Microsoft Media Player 9 codec as it is crystal clear and has the smallest files (230MB per hour/high quality) instead of MEPG 4 at 1GB and hour/high quality).

I configured a DivX and xvid codec option but they are too slow to encode on my Athlon 2400XP, 640MB SDRAM system.

I will rip to MPEG 2/high quality for things I want to keep and convert them with VirtuaDub (freeware video editing software) to DivX and burn it.

I cant find the inquiry option on leadtek's website, do you have URL or email address??

Thanks Simon
Yo Feartec, I using the Virtuedub to Divx method all this while but just thought of trying the Mpeg-4 funtion directly to see how is the result. Like I said the video codec is "Microsoft Mpeg-4 video codec V2" and I'll wait for Leadtek's reply on the "audio codec" so to do my testing. Oh, the "inquiry icon" is at follow byt FAQ and you will see the icon on the left top beside "seach function".
Yo FearTec, I saw my Divx Pro 5.0 codec in the PVC "video codec selection" and I believe that it support direct Divx encoding as well. What "audio codec" do you suggest to use for Divx encoding? Sorry Simon, I forgot to mention that you can add in X'tra encording icons Mpeg-4, divx or your own customise Mpeg-2 to the PVC.


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I will try the MS MPEG 4 codec.

I have created PVC profiles for DivX 5.1.1 and XviD but it is too slow on my PC.

I use an advanced MP3 codec that gives heaps of mp3 formats and compression levels. Email me and I will email it to you my email is simon at
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Hey I have my xp expert coming in a couple of days do you just run the cable from the wall to the card for tv? Also any feedback about capture from a VCR would be appreciated I would like to know the settings for the best image possible. Thanks
Yo Mbanx, backup your own VHS is quite direct by connect the RCA cables to the S-video connection wire provided by Leadtek. As for the settings wise it really depends on how powerful is your PC. Well, if you are converting VHS to Mpeg-2, the distributor service support in Singapore told me to use just 'Good Quality' will provide better results than 'Optimal Quality'. Reason is that in 'Good Quality' both software & hardware are doing the encoding and for 'Optimal Quality' by default it will only base on the 10 bit chip on the card. Emm.. how true is it, probably you will have to try it out to confirm. By the way, if you are doing backup on your own VHS, you might run into macrovision protection problem for certain movies which require external video stabilizer to remove it.

What speed is your Computer? How much memory (RAM) do you have?

Capturing from VRC is easy, I have also created 3 RCA extension cables to run from my Cable Box/etc.

The Software is quite easy to capture but I would suggest you download a free video editing program called "VirtuaDub" for MPEG editing or use Windows XP's Movie Maker 2 program to split WMV's etc.

Have Fun.
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hey feartec my computer is a Vaio 2.5 Ghz with 512 RAM. When you play these in a DVD player will you be impressed with how well they look? Thats my goal I know the card did not cost that much but I could not afford the Canopus ADVC right now. By the way I dont have a cable box it is just CATV right from the wall. Why do you use RCA? Also i have read alot about capping in AVI for editing purposes can we do this with the xp expert?
Sorry for all the questions but I dont know anybody here in FT Wayne IN who knows about this.
Yo mbanx, your PC should not have any problems at all but just make sure that you have enough HDD space for AVI encoding (approx 18GB for 1 movie). Hope that you are running on WinXP and you will have no restriction on the size of file and DMA problems. I heard that the Canopus ADVC is great for producing good video and will not have video/audio synchronization problem but it is costly and unless you are doing video converting business.

Like I said earlier, I tried video input from VCD to Mpeg-1 and the result is almost as good as original. I will be doing backup of my VHS to DVD once I get a macrovision remover and I believe that the result should be GOOD as well. Honestly, we are talking so much of the WinFast TV2000 XP Expert not because it is 'CHEAP' but we felt it is way ahead of some even more expensive video capture card and not much known buds so far.

Just bear in mind that TV2000 XP Expert has to link the audio input internally to your PC's audio card and not like the others which is link but an audio cable externally (better for me - not so messy). To avoid errors, you have to download latest driver and PVR software from instead of using the given installation CD. Remember to change master sream to "audio" instead of the default of "auto" and you should not have any audio/video synchronization problem.
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Your right I dont think the card is cheap but it is one hell of a deal for a card that does so much. You lost me with the Master Audio Stream stuff. Can you elaborate please
Thanks alot for your information.
Don't worry mbanx, once you have the PVR software installed, you will see the 'master stream' option in the first folder when you click on the configaration of the PVR. In situations of audio/video synchronization is out e.g audio about 5 - 10 secs before video, changing the 'master stream' from auto to audio will eliminate this problem. Hey, this happen to many video capture card and Leadtek has over come it. I totally agree to "one hell of a deal for a card that does so much" when you install the Ulead DVD Movie Factory, it is a bridge for your PVR to have VCD & DVD direct burn and it replace 3 of my DVD software : Sonic MyDVD, Arcsoft Showbiz and TMPG DVD Author. Well, FearTec suggested a freeware VirtueDub but I prefer TMPGEnc Plus for video editing. You can download TMPGEnc for free but it can only editing MPEG-1 and TMPGEnc Plus (Purchase) can do MPEG-1 & MPEG-2.
It looks as if the "Master Audio Stream" option is defaultly set to Audio (not auto) with the latest drivers.

Im using RCA cables from my lounge room to my computer room (about 7 meters), i could not be bothered to re solder a svideo cable.
Yo guys, I have converted my son's VHS Toy Story by Walt Disney to DVD using the TV2000XP Expert. Well the result is the same as using my Sony TRV60 camcorder as the bridge. I tried playback the created DVD on a 43" TV and I should say that the result is more than acceptable. Oh I forgot to mention about the 5mm flickering border at the bottom of the screen and that happens whenever I try to backup a VHS using either digicam or the TV2000XP Expert. Anyway it didn't bother me much because I actually trim it off using TMPGEnc Plus. I guess that might be caused by macrovision protection and I will try again when I got a remover.
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