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Virtual desktops...what's possible

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I was wondering if there's such a program available as Virtual desktops for Windows XP, that let's you create various desktops, each with their individual programs (icons or shortcuts)? So for instance desktop 1 would be the audio
desktop with all programs related to audio, desktop 2 would be the video desktop with all related video programs. My desktop is cluttered with so many icons, that it would be nice if I can arrange them using different desktops? I don't even know if it's technically possible, but I appreciate everyone's input.

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Thanks for the feedback. In the last 6-8 hours I've been busy installing various "virtual desktops" , but none of them lets you add individual audio related icons to for instance your virtual "audio" desktop. Most virtual desktops give the opportunity to open a program in a window and then place it in the desktop of you choice, but that's different from what I want.
In the meantime I also found out that the closest thing to what I want comes from adding additional accounts when you log-on to Windows. This way you can put on each user's desktop whatever you want, but the switching between the accounts isn't exactly fast. I'll continue to look further, but it's likely that something like this probably comes in the near future from a newer OS (Vista, Linux?).
Thanks again for the feedback.

Best regards,
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