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eMachines e4036

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Had to do a reinstall of windows with a complete wipe of the hd (including recovery partition), after reinstalling windows need all the drivers (chipset, sound, graphics, etc) but there are none for this model on the emachines website.

The mboard is : rc410m ms-7173 ver 1a

Can anyone help please?
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emachine doesn't have that computer listed as under e-tower or e-monster so whhich series is it? check this link for drivers from msi.
First make sure you are on the uk site then go to product type: desktops, series: E-series, and Model: E4036. All it has is a specification and no drivers!

The link you gave me looks like the board (in the pic) except the one I am working on has 2 sata instead of 4, but I think this might be the right link, thanks very much! I have mailed them to try and confirm this but those drivers look like they will do the trick.

Also, do you have any advice on changing the driver letter on the active partition/system drive? When reinstalled windows on this system it must have picked up the memory card slots first or something as they have been given c, d, e, f and g and the hard disk has ended up with h! I know there are plenty of pages which walk through the regedit method of changing it back to c (i've taken the memory card reader out for now by the way) but I've also heard this can be problematic in the long run. Could you reccommend a better way/third party software?

I appreciate your help.
read this link about drive letter changing.;307844&sd=tech
ati express driver link for xp media center.
Can't change the drive letter in the usual way if it's the system drive though. There is a registry edit to do it, I'll try that.

XP pro is going on it instead of media centre, hopefully the drivers on the msi page will be good for that but thanks for that link anyway, may come in handy depending on whether things go smooth or not.
Sorted now, thanks once again ddp!
no problem, teach & learn
Seriously man you help me out so much and so often, I appreciate it. Not forgetting the other regular heads either but ddp always seems to bring my job back online when I've almost given up on it.
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