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HP adds options for mixed format HD drives in Pavilion desktops

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On Friday, HP updated its Pavilion media center PCs with the option to add mixed-format HD drives that can read both Blu-ray or HD DVD titles giving users the option to upgrade without fear of a format becoming obsolete. The d4995t, m9000z and m9000t Pavilion Elite models, will all have the option to add the mixed format drives but there will be two options for the drive as well. A basic ...

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KMON! Great idea but keep the costs down!! That's too much money for discs that don't offer quality releases!

You would need to hook up your HP computer to a nice HDTV or you can sit in front of your 19" monitor enjoying Knocked Up in HD! wtf....
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A basic version will allow only Blu-ray writing and both format reading and the more expensive drive will allow writing and reading for both formats.
Now if you could burn to both formats now we are talking.
Can you read? It says the basic one can read/write blu-ray and hd dvd, but it only writes blu-ray. The advanced version can read/write blu-ray and hd dvd.
Whatever, it's still a rip off. Oh..but you get nice black and poop colored lightscribe labeling. So advanced....
Is this system as good as it sounds or is it too good to be true. Is $250 alot for a blue ray/hd dvd player that also burns dvds?
To me this sounds at a reasonable level of a price.
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